Friday, November 25, 2011

The day after Thanksgiving....hope everyone had a good holiday with their family and loved ones. It has been a busy month for Pony Up and me..... My mother is losing her battle. It is an emotional time for us...heartbreaking and yet there is nothing to be done but to love and care for her each day. Life goes on around her and it is difficult to imagine my life without her....I think of how she loved to work in the yard, shop at Fred to the Dairy Queen,.....and I am paralyzed to think how we or how I will go on without her. Somedays I cry and other days I simply work hard to drive the overwhelming emotion from my thoughts. My sisters, my neices, my brother in law....all have worked so hard at giving her quality care at home......thank you for your love and unselfishness. My mind is otherwise occupied and I ask for your understanding if I have not appropriately thanked you or mentioned you or answered emails or phone calls. We have taken in a new horse....Bubba......blind like Iris, an ex show horse, a trooper and a sweet soul. He is blind in both eyes. He was left in the kill pen with nowhere to go and although we are not a sanctuary.....we could not leave him. Worst case scenario is that he is a companion to case is that he is adopted by a loving family. We have a volunteer who loves him...and we are hopeful he can go home when their barn is built. Bubba is twenty, registered and now well loved. The rain is upon us.....we have had sand delivered three times...and yet we still have mud....this weekend we will work on paddocks again and gutters and gravel and ..........water diversions of all sorts. Pony Up horses got dentals on November 19th......Okalani, Beaver, and a couple of volunteers horses. We will finish dentals on Dec 3rd.....Church, Iris and Jones. Kitty came home to Pony Up this last Wednesday and Baybee left us to go to the Jones Farm. Baybee will be with several other yearlings for the run, to frolic and to grow. Kitty is a wonderful filly, good manners, beautiful and loves to be groomed. Okalani is doing well in her foster home and Lizzie is doing well in her trial adoption. We are fortunate to have a lot of nice folks who volunteer and support us. I don't always get the names out and some folks don't need their names out.......but all of these folks mean a lot to us.....those who help, those who clean, those who drive, those who plan. The auction in October was a huge help to us for winter costs.....feed, gravel, dentals, ......we couldn't do it without your support or the support and dedication of our volunteers. Thank you. Pony UP is planning a capital campaign to buy a new property for our horses.....more pasture, a better arena...........less incoming water. Look for details soon! Pony UP fortune for tomorrow: It is easy to stir up a fire, harder to put it out. Happy Holidays@

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Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Hi Rosemary. Cathleen Fitzgerald was talking about you the other day. I recalled that I have several barely used horse blankets that I no longer use; sizes 68 and 72. Also a quilted pony blanket with surcingle needing mending. If you are interested you can email me at I can deliver. Charlotte