Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday, the girls go to a new life

We are happy but sad to see the girls go.......Promise and Breeze went to their new home today. They loaded up like good girls....for the long trip home and we got tears in our eyes. We groomed them and fed them some treats in the hour prior to their departure. It seems strange to not see them together in the paddock, like two bookends...twin girls. Good luck girls! thank you Erica for making room in your heart for both of them. Have a safe trip.

Ryan and I worked on farm chores all day.....moved gravel, put some fence posts in, fixed a few things, cleaned paddocks.....a long day. thanks Ryan for the hard work!
You are a blessing.

The weather is really acting like fall......we even have leaves falling. Such a strange year for weather.

We have used the arena for a couple of lessons and it is so nice to have it. We have to fund raise for sand, because the sand will be expensive....but it really is necessary.

Ollie has been wearing his easy boots for a few days and I took them off this morning, so his feet can have a breather.....they work so well for him, he is much more comfortable on his very flat TB feet.

I got chopped up hay for Grace yesterday.....she wastes so much hay picking through the alfalfa, that I thought it might be easier for her to chew and swallow. Turns out it is and she loves it....of course, it is mixed with molasses. I am not a huge fan of sugary stuff for horses, but what the heck.......Grace is old and molasses does have iron in it. She should enjoy her last days. Silks likes it too and I slipped some to his teeth are old man teeth too. The old guys get quite a mixture of slop.........beet pulp, alf pellets, sunflower seeds, rice bran, senior grain and now chopped hay.......but they look great and they feel great is worth it to see them eating like piggies.

Erica called me this morning and the girls are home and turned out in their pasture. The trip was long but safe. I wish them the best of luck. Pictures please!

Off to do some chores......household stuff......then back to the barn. I graded the driveway a little this morning to smooth out the gravel......we really stirred it up yesterday.

Enjoy your day.

Enumclaw auction today.....a ton of horses from what I can see is being reported. The auction starts at three....maybe you should go?

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

You will find what you seek today.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday...the weekend begins

Still beautiful weather and the nicest thing is that it is cool in the morning, overcast with lasts until noon, then the sun comes out and it is SO pleasant. More please...more.

The week is over and here comes the weekend. Lots to do, as usual. Tomorrow, some paddock cleaning, barn riding.....feed store, a lesson on my own horse and back to the grocery store for household items and of course Starbucks. You know, I will probably move some more gravel too....I just can't get enough of that.

The arena was graded some more and it is so nice! Now we just need sand.....if you have any extra, please send it! We take bags, shovel fulls or dumptrucks at this point.

The girls are ready to go to their new home.......we are excited, they are excited.....I hope Erica is thrilled with them. Promise looks so beautiful.
It is a long trip and I have a little anxiety about that.

At the end of this month, Silk will go home and Grace will be so sad. We will, of course, get her a new friend......maybe Tarbaby or Sully....plenty to chose from...except for Beaver, who has NO friends.

Jaime, thank you for the supplements you bought for Grace. They help to keep weight on her and give her a good appetite......boy howdy, she has an appetite. THANK YOU!

I had a great lesson on Winston yesterday and will have another tomorrow. He has come so far and looks wonderful.....he has filled out and muscled up...he really looks great. Thank you Beth for a great job with him.

Pictures from last weekend....taken by Kelsey.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

It is black and white.....not gray.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The handsome Max

Silk at Pony Up

Breeze and Promise on sunny Saturday

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday already

The weekend has come and gone ...Monday already. Time they say.
The weather is finally like summer and it is warm in the mornings, too warm for a jacket and warm enough to make you sweat in a T-shirt.

Saturday morning, we get a lovely surprise.......Maia and Kelsey come to visit and help out. We hadn't seen them in a long time, they are as busy as everyone was so great to see them! Briann came up too and they had a good time grooming horses, giving bridle path cuts, trimming manes and tails....the horses got a spa day, that is for sure. Ryan and I spread gravel in Beaver's paddock, put up some hot wire, put the sprinklers on in the pasture and got the little tractor going.
The little tractor has a dump trailer......very handy.

Kelsey took some pictures of the farm for us and I will post them soon.....she is a very good will enjoy her pictures.

On my way to the barn on Sunday, a doe came across the road with her twin fawns.....still spotted and prancing along like Santa's best reindeer. I took a couple of pictures of them (but left the camera in the car) I will post it later.

Grace is turning into a hog. A complete hog. She bangs the fence, calls to you, stomps her feet.......and then when you bring the bucket, she puts her head into it and will not take it out. It is hard to walk in there.....if she gets the bucket, she tips it over to get the grain and then beet pulp is everywhere. The vet checked her teeth and guess what? She doesn't have any back teeth. Surprise. I guess we don't need her teeth floated after all. A mush diet is hers for the rest of her life. Poor old girl...but really, she looks great and she feels good too. She has the most expensive horseshoes on in town. What we won't do for her, huh?

We are counting down for the girls to go to California......this weekend is D day. I am glad they are going together and that they will travel together. They are so bonded..........although Breeze has the upper hoof.....she eats first and Promise cowers to her...but when the food is gone, they groom each other, hang out at the water trough and play along the paddock. Such beautiful girls. I will miss them.

I have had folks ask if we are taking in new horses to take the girls place.....the answer is not right now. We still have Sully, Yukon, Tarbaby and Grace to take care of, feed, vet, etc......we are hopeful Sully can get adopted.....but the reality is that Tarbaby, Grace and Yukon may be too old to get adopted. They are all 25...Grace might be older than that. Tarbaby is unrideable, Grace is too......and Yukon, well, he probably deserves long walks and retirement on a grassy field....he has done his time. So anyway, we will need to save a place for winter......with winter come severe neglect cases...and I like to keep a spot open. Now, if on the other hand, you like old horses.....and want to foster/adopt/sponsor one.......speak up.....we seem to have plenty!

We should change the name of the farm to "Crow Flies" barn. We have a huge flock of crows who are there all day...drinking from the troughs, sneaking cat food, sneaking chicken food....playing in the sprinklers and warning of the eagle's approach. I have said it before....I love crows. I know some folks don't...but I do.....they are smart, interesting and funny. I love to feed them bread. We had baby crows this weekend....flapping wings for mom to feed them even though they are the same size as mom. Very cute.

We have new foals up the road.......not sure what the situation is......a bunch of what appear to be Tb mares, with foals and some appear to be in foal.....all are good weight and the foals are cute chestnuts. Perhaps they are just eating grass in the large field, as there was a lot of grass...I suppose folks get tired of mowing it.

Off to bed.....enjoy your Tuesday.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

It will be no surprise to you when you see it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Frenzy

My day off, but I have lots to do today......chores, errands and riding my own horse.

I get up, wished I could have slept in, coffee is made already..(love that automatic coffee maker!)....take a shower, grab some crackers and off I go to the barn.

Let the cat out, let the chicks out......and the hens.....then throw hay, start on stalls, run some fresh water..get the grain distributed

...I suddenly decide that I need some more gravel...and so I call and order some.....just lucky because they can deliver it in an hour! Get the tractor out, move my truck........make a plan...I am down cleaning the lower paddocks when the truck arrives. He dumps it and I pay him..then begin picking it up with the tractor and dumping it into the paddock nearest the barn. I got pea gravel.......easy on the feet, and easy to pick through. I watch the time because I have to get to the bank and then run out to my lesson......a 40 minute drive.

The sun comes out full blast and I am sweaty. I have been dumping the gravel, then shoveling some ..then raking it out...I moved two stall mats.......Now I have to run home to change into breeches and I think about taking a second shower and then decide not to.....I mean why would I? I am going to sweat plenty during my lesson and then what would I do...take another shower? LOL.

I go home change, I DO NOT shower.......then off again to get gas in the time to stop for coffee. I head for my lesson. I get there.....get my horse out.....groom him, pick his feet, saddle him and take him to the arena....lunge him a little. He is not WILD today....thank goodness......and then I get started. We have a nice lesson and then I put him away, after giving him a shower and thinking about putting the hose on is warm out there. I talk for a while with my trainer, I play with the farm dog...I drag my is already 4pm......and it is a lovely day. I am way out in the middle of nowhere.

I drive back to the farm, clean some more paddocks, clean some water tubs........then pick poop piles out of the arena.......put the chickens to bed, put the cat to bed....check water again........check gates....water plants..sweep...drink some is now 7pm...dinner waits and a hot shower. I need it. I stink....really.

The vet comes in the morning to run Coggins on the girls.....and issue health certificates to get into the state of California. They will leave next weekend. I am excited for them...and at the same time I have become very fond of Promise as well as Breeze. It is always hard to let them go........emotional for sure.

Sully has had a relapse of his horsey flu......he is on stall rest and more meds. After the girls go, I will bring him home.....and as soon as Silk goes home...I don't want to spread any germs and especially to old horses. Silk will go home at the end of next month.

Tomorrow we have more chores to do, like I always say, they are never ending. Fix this, fix that...order this, order that....someone needs medicine....someone needs exercise.

Enjoy your fabulous is going to be really hot least that is what is forecasted.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Kindness is never wasted....sympathy is never lost.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday and I am late

Already Tuesday evening.....gosh,where does the time go?

The weather has been lovely.....not too hot.....not too rain and the pastures are mud anywhere for the first time in months.

We had a great party on Saturday....lots of friends and food....nice weather......a really good time. Thanks everyone for coming.

We have good news......both Promise and Breeze will be adopted together. They will be picked up next week and will travel to California. They will share an irrigated pasture and loafing shed. The girls have an incredible bond and I am very happy they will get to stay together.

Silk is doing well and is also very bonded to Grace. True love. He will be heartbroken when he goes home and so will Grace.

Tarbaby is doing better with his leg.......the swelling is more meds to take.

It had to happen....the barn cat caught a squirrel the the sunflower seeds. She didn't eat him......but she did kill him. I feel terrible. I have never seen her catch a mouse or rat....but remember the squirrels attacked her and so it may have happened again. I wasn't there.......I just found the body.

Time to buy hay again.....the prisoners love the alfalfa grass mix we got..they eat every bit of it.....except Silk and Grace....they gum it, but still manage to get the small leafy parts eaten.

We are working on the arena footing tomorrow, if it doesn't rain and rain does not seem likely. This weekend, we will work on fencing and some painting......and it is still time to think about winter and running water and mud......again....ugh. I hate to think about it........summer is so short.

We have company this weekend.......old friends from Eastern will be nice to visit with them.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

What did you leave behind?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Beautiful day....started out cloudy, then gradually cleared up. Mary, Ryan, Jan, Briann and I cleaned paddocks, stalls, scrubbed water tubs and put some hot wire up.

Briann and I then headed to the store, got ingredients for our salad and went back to the house to prepare it. Cous Cous salad.....hand made by Briann and me...and quite delicious if I say so myself.

At 5pm we all gathered for a barbeque.....barbequed ribs, hot dogs, lots of salads and home made desserts. Volunteers got to meet foster parents and we all had a great time till late in the evening...lot of laughs and stories....a really great group of folks.

Pictures today of Jan and Louis (our orphan chick).......Louis likes to ride on shoulders or perch on horseback. He is quite a friendly little chicken.

Chores done this morning by 10:30 and the weekend seems almost over. I must go to the feed store today and then come back to do a few things around the barn. There is no shortage of chores, as usual.

I put a hay bag up for Silk and Grace today.......they were not delighted....they chewed on it with their old horse teeth, pushed it around and then looked at me you just put our hay on the floor? please?......I finally caved in....they have old horse teeth and perhaps it really is too much work for them.

Ollie is wearing his new easy boots and Breeze is wearing Tarbaby's......her soles are a little bruised from rocks...she is very flat footed....but walking fine in the easy boots. We like them a lot....easy to put on, easy to wonder they call them easy boots...right?

Off to get my chores done, errands run.......enjoy your day.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

A new idea will come to you soon.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Far along Friday

Friday here and almost gone.....quite a busy week for me.

Today I arranged to buy a plywood made grain bin....3/4" plywood, 8 feet long, with dividers for five roomy compartments.....great deal! Well made, screwed together, brackets on the dividers.....and did I say "very heavy?" I went to get it in one is there ....except me and the grain bin. Hmmm....well....I am not going to come back. It is going in the truck. I pick up one end.....good heavy. I pick one end up and set it on the other end and then back the truck up to it......then lean it against the tail gate and push it into the truck. Can you say "hernia?" OMG. I tie it in and hit the road. When I get home I am impatient. I can leave it and wait for help later...but I can't wait....I am impatient. I want it out and into it's place. I figure there is no way to get it into the barn. I push it out of the truck....Look at it a while and really want to have it in the barn. So I pick an end up and set it on the other end again.......then push it over flat.......and hey I am almost into the barn. I flip it one more time.....right into the barn aisle..I am sweating and my legs are shaky.......and then I am stuck. It is too long to flip again because of the doorway and too heavy to push. What to do? I look around......try pulling it......that doesn't work.....try pushing again......nope..just too heavy. Am I going to have to say UNCLE? Am I going to have to call someone? Hmmm. I have some sections of fence posts that we cut off that are round. I go and get them. I lift up one end of the bin and kick the fence post section under it. Voila....we roll forward and then I pick it up again and put another one under it. I knew I saved these fence post pieces for something. just to roll it over and set it into place along the back of the barn wall. One more lift and it is there..........YES! The lid, although hinged, is heavy and I must make something to hold it up, so that when we get grain won't bonk us in the eye bolt and some chain, add a snap and presto.....we are set. Then I fill the bins for grain, one for beet pulp, one for rice bran, one for sunflower seeds and one for chicken food. I am tired....really tired...probably too much work for me......oh well.

I drink some iced tea and visit with the barn cat while I wait for the shoer. We have four trims and two sets of shoes........Grace/shoes, Max/shoes, Ollie/trim, Tarbaby/trim, Breeze/trim and Promise/trim. All goes well,except that Grace feels like she cannot stand still.....she is antsy.....I brink Silk up to calm her down and it works. Her feet are in much better shape than when we brought her home.
Max takes size three shoes on the fronts......he has big does Ollie. Promise and Breeze stand side by side as their feet are trimmed..both are angels.
Ollie bites me three times on the arm.....Tarbaby sleeps while he is done and Max also.

All chores done and I go to get in my truck. Umm....the doors are locked...the barn cat is in the truck. Coincidence? I think not. I have to call Triple A and get someone to come out. While he is jimmying the door, the barn cat comes to the window and steps on the lock, unlocks the door. Oh boy. Why couldn't she do that before I called the guy out?

Tomorrow is our barbeque......the weather promises to be good and we will have some fun. Lots of food, plenty to drink........if you want to come, please email and let me know? We still have some room.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

This person,is one you know.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Max gets some exercise in the arena........thanks to Caryn. Don't they look lovely together?
We especially like Caryn's new boots?!

Mediocre weather today, still no rain and fairly warm. I took fly masks off for a while this morning.

Breeze has settled in nicely with Promise and is eating well. Tarbaby's leg is a little better, still has some swelling.......Silk and Grace share grain out of one bucket and then move to the next.

All chickens accounted for.....but strangely they have moved inside of the barn and into the rafters. Something was after them last night I guess. Half in the coop and half in the barn. Go figure that one.

Sully is back to work at the Jones farm. I will keep you updated on progress...he has had a month break to get over his horse flu and relax. He looks as pretty as a picture at the Jones Farm.

Pony Up barbeque this weekend......Saturday. Email me if you would like to come.....
potluck barbeque.......lots of goodies.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Think twice, then speak once.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Suddenly Sunday

Up early this morning and off to the barn to get my chores done. Chipmunks and squirrels are everywhere and they are not too scared of you....can you spell
S U N F L O W E R S E E D S ? How did they find them is what I want to know? Do squirrels have a keen sense of smell? I guess they must. There were baby chipmunks today...very cute and silly.

I got my chores done and went to get Breeze.....and as of noon she was home at Pony Up. She is pending adoption and we are counting on her being picked up at the end of the month. She is bunking with Promise and you have never seen two happier fillies...they didn't leave each other for a second this afternoon...they napped together, ate together and played for a long time. It will be a shame to seperate them. Promise is almost as big as Breeze and just as pretty now.

I spent the afternoon doing chores, raking.....picking more rocks....and then I went for coffee, to the feed store and to the grocery store...then back to feed dinner and tuck the chickens in.

My vacation week is over.......and I go back to work tomorrow...sigh>>>>> I wish I could get paid to work on the farm every day of my life....but I can't, so no use dreaming about it.

Enjoy your week.......

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

The price doesn't know you want it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sat morning......quick post

I am not complaining......honest...but yesterday was HOT. I had a lesson on Winston and we were both soaked and tired. He was a good boy.
It is supposed to be cooler today by ten degrees today.

Some pictures from yesterday, Tarbaby with his chicks. They pick flies off of him while he protects them from the big chickens.

late edition:

so the day was a little cooler but still hot. Sprinklers everywhere....dust everywhere.....we spent the morning cleaning water tubs, fixing the hotwater heater, putting the refrigerator up, attaching sprinklers to fence posts and then worked on the arena. We "drug" the arena, picked rocks and then drug it some more....and it looks great! We need sand least I think so......we may need it to be compacted and then "really" graded....but it looks so much better now that I am happy with it.

Tarbaby did something to his leg today.....he had a big, fat swollen from the hock down leg......and so in between chores we soaked him in cold water, examined him for cuts........(none found) cleaned his leg with Betaine scrub, just in case and then soaked him some more. Antibiotics too, just in case.....and some bute as he was very, very sore. Poor guy. When I did the barn check tonight he was feeling much better and the swelling was down a little. Not sure what could have happened....we will see how he feels tomorrow.

We will move the manure pile this week, put some final posts in the bottom paddock, then put our washrack roof up......and of course, work on the arena.

The old guys (Grace and Silk) stomped a hawk in their was after a chicken and apparently scared the horses enough to get them worked up and it was dispatched.......flatter than a pancake. We buried it behind the barn.

Caryn has been riding Max and he has been a good boy. We put him on a diet..again, because he is fat and out of shape. He behaves wonderfully. Caryn is a good rider and Max is very obedient to her. Now that the arena is ready to go.....Max can get worked a little harder.

Things to do for the the shoer, order more hay.....price sand.....deworm Silk and Winston......go back to work? Yes......back to work. I have been on vacation, although it hardly seems like it. Always more stuff to do.

I got sunburned today......ouch!

Off to bed. I hope your weekend is great.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

You will have to see it, in order to believe it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday sunshine

Quiet morning, not too much planned today....I slept in a little, then did the laundry, hung some clothes out, fed dogs, filled dog water bowls and then headed for the barn.

I get to the barn and I see immediately that TarBaby is in a different paddock. Hmm...he has simply pushed through his stall gate and gone to the other empty paddock which shares a fence line with Max and Ollie. Okay, so today he wants to be friends with them? I move him back and he immediately frets....he trots the fenceline calling them. I cave in and let him back. It is too hot for him to get all worked up and there really is no reason he can't be there except it is a smaller paddock with no grass. He settles down. You simply cannot pick who they will be friends with on what day.

I feed everyone, put a few fly masks back on, overflow water tubs....clean the chicken waterer. I clean Tarbaby's stall.....his is the only dirty nice is that?

I decide to turn the sprinklers on in the lower paddocks so that the grass doesn't just up and die on us. Promise loves the sprinkler and stands just in the out edges of the spray.......tossing her head this way and that.......soon she lays down and takes a nap in the spray.

I move on and pull some weeds in my mom's flower gardens and then water for her. All the planting I did made a big job for her when it is time to water.

You will notice I am not complaining about the "sudden heat". Nope. I refuse after all that gray sky and rain.

Back to the barn and I empty trash, I need to go to the dump later....then I make sure there is plenty of water for the cat and I fill up the birdbath. The robins are working their way up the sprinkler path...glad I could help them out.

Yesterday Caryn and I went and got Breeze in Ellensburg.......pleasant trip, good company.....we forgot the camera ....the landscape was so gorgeous...we pulled into Ellensburg and loaded Breeze up...then hit the road back to Seattle, dropped Breeze at the Jones Farm, gave her a quick bath.......then visited Sully, who, a little fatso. He is the king of the pasture right now, sharing a large grassy field with two young TB colts. Teaching them some manners, although they are twice his size.....long yearlings. I thought about taking the chestnut colt home.....but then quickly came to my senses.

On the way home, we stopped at Reber ranch, bought some de-wormers, a boot for Tarbaby....we really need to get another one, they work so well for his problem....but they are 60 dollars each. It is the new EZ boot and they work really well, easy to put on and we got just the right size fortunately. I think if we put him in two of them on his front hooves, he will be so much more comfortable. We love Reber much to look at.

The squirrels were at the barn yesterday early with Caryn and I, around 6:30am...eating sunflower seeds and scolding us. Of course we had no camera, but sometime this week I will get them in a photo line up.

I am off to run errands now. My cell phone has some issue and is out of commission, so I must get it fixed or replaced somewhere today.

Enjoy your excellent day.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

The color green will be important.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Story of Mercy

Conversations get around, people talk to other people......and eventually a part of that conversation gets back to you and you hear something that makes you feel bad....makes you feel awkward.....makes you feel angry and sad.

It is easy to play arm chair quarterback when you aren't ever going to be on the field. Easy to say "I could have done this or would have done that"....easy to belittle others choices.

I did not talk much about Mercy's death, but today I will.

I wish it was the story of Black Beauty.......I wish it was the story of how this horse turned into a lesson pony or of how she was adopted by some millionaire....but it isn't, but it is a story of how we stepped up for a horse when no one else would and made a decision out of love and we did the right thing even though it broke our hearts.

Mercy was starved almost to death last winter...and then confiscated by the local humane society when her owner could not, would not begin a proper feeding program. I was asked by the humane society to take her into our program and we did. I had visited Mercy at the humane society and Mercy had some issues...but after what she had been through, I understood. I said we would give it a try. I knew I could heal her body.....but was not sure about the mind.

The next week I went and got her.

It was apparent that she needed a medicated bath, louse powder, foot work....mane and tail combed....and so we began. Mercy did not want to be haltered but we got her haltered anyway....she did not want to be combed and some days it took two or three of us to get it done. We dewormed her, we bathed her and had to take care of her hind legs......she kicked at us..she would scream at us....she hated folks handling her. She took opportunities to bite us if she could reach us..she would kick out with both hind legs. We worked with her every day. We used positive reinforcement but the behavior was often unpredictable and out of the blue. We would frequently hold a foreleg up in order to brush her hind she couldn't kick....and yet she would kick anyway.

The rule was set......
NO ONE was allowed in her stall or paddock except me. I worked with her each night, fed her, cleaned her stall and brushed her. No volunteers could handle her unless they were assisting me. I think I was making some progress....she stopped trying to bite me and she also rubbed on me, something she had never done before.... she loved to get a treat from my hand...she would finally lower her head and take a deep breath of relaxation. We had an arrangement that when I cleaned her stall, she had to stand outside...she would wait for me, but still I could not have her in the stall with me..a kick was sure to come. The horse, at this point, I knew was unadoptable, except to someone who wanted to take on her issues....and frankly, why would anyone? There are plenty of nice horses out there looking for homes. Still, I held out hope that she could come around.

One Saturday morning, with several volunteers on site......someone forgot the "rule".....and entered Mercy's stall while she was eating. The result was this:
The volunteer was kicked six times....kicked twice and knocked down, then kicked four more times as the person crawled out of the stall. Frightening? You bet.
Deliberate? Yes.

The person had to go to the hospital. Fortunately the injuries were not more severe....but the point is ........they could have been. A kick to the head...a lifetime injury or a death sentence.

The fact that the rule was broken is not the issue could have been could and it would happen again to someone else......or what would happen if I got sick or had to be gone somewhere? Who would care for Mercy?

We have a lot of teenagers, young adults, non horse type folks.....we would be completely liable if we kept a horse who was known to exhibit dangerous behavior. Ask any lawyer.

I spoke to two veterinarians and to a trainer I know and trust.........I made the decision that same day .....Mercy would be euthanized. She was not an adoption candidate and I could not risk anyone else's well being by allowing her to live at Pony Up. I felt horrible, but it is my responsibility to run this program and keep our volunteers safe.

It is very hard for me to have a horse euthanized. It was no different with Mercy. I wavered right up to the end. The attending veterinarian reminded me of responsibility, for the horse and for my volunteers at the farm. I cried for her, patted her and in the end I know I made the right decision. She has no more pain, she had a good couple of months and she cannot be judged ever again for striking out at the humans who hurt her in the past. She will never again be in a position where she can be starved or hurt.

So Mr. Armchair Quarterback......I know you would have done this and you would have done that......but the fact is....YOU DIDN'T....I did. I didn't see you drive up with your horsetrailer, I didn't hear you call, I didn't see you show up at the humane society when they needed someone to take her...I didn't see you taking care of her at all......I didn't see you with any liability....I just heard you to have an opinion that I did wrong by the horse. Your head is in the sand....I strongly encourage you to have a talk with your attorney about liability, known danger on your property and attractive nuisance issues.

Just a day in the life. You try to do the right thing, try to be responsible and folks feel free to kick you in the teeth and behind your back.......
people you would have called friends.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

It is no secret anymore.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pictures from Monday

Grace and Silk.


The chickens......

Had a great day today....worked in my mom's yard, cleaned around the barn, did some small repairs, groomed horses....planted some plants.....Caryn and I soaked Tarbaby's feet, groomed Silk for pictures.......the sun came out late this afternoon......virtually perfect!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Someone calls your name........

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday the Fourth of July

I still hate fireworks. I hate the irresponsibility of it all....but I won't go on, it just winds me up and I have pledged to have a non anxiety ridden day.
It is softly raining and you know what? I am glad. Let it pour..let it storm.

Yesterday, I worked on the arena and Caryn came to help me....then we saddled Max up and Caryn rode him in the churned up dirt. He was a good and well behaved boy. I forget how big he is, although it was easy to see he still needed a diet. The arena was still not really level and so I returned in the afternoon to do some more "work" on it. By 7:30 it was looking much better...I had lost track of time....late for dinner......oops.

Tarbaby has two abcesses in his front hooves.....we had to cut a little hole in one of them to let the "junk" escape...then we gave him a hot water soak in some Epsom salts, then dried his hoof and applied some medicine......then we soaked the other foot, medicated it and wrapped both of them to keep them clean. He really enjoyed the soaking and did not want to take his foot out. We use small pampers as a hoof wrap, then use coflex bandaging tape, then duct tape. He is so much more comfortable today, walking normally and I didn't have to bute him. Abcesses and this weather we are having go hand in hand, especially on TB feet...flat, thin soles.
I had Caryn help me yesterday and today I was on my own, so I find myself cutting the wrap off his foot, listening to fireworks and thinking I must be crazy to be on my knees in the stall, with a knife and a large horse. Fortunately he is a doll to work with and so I escaped any harm or injuries...but seriously, sometimes I should have my head examined. Fortunately I remembered the knife and saved my teeth from having to rip through the duct tape. I used red duct tape tonight....such a fashion statement.

The black kitty came today and I tried to catch her so that I could keep her in the barn tonight while fireworks were going.....but she wasn't having any of it. I had a good grasp of the back of her neck but she went "wild" and scratched/bit until I had to let go. She got a full belly and then off she went. I hope maybe she will come back and sleep in the barn. I will go back to the barn around 9pm to check on horses and put some music on. Ollie gets very worked up with fireworks...he is the most likely one to act up. My Russells are already in the laundry room with music on....the dryer on and the washing machine going.

My condolences to Kim W and her family.......very sorry to hear of your losses today. You made the right decisions with love and can't ask for more than that. Well loved, right to the end........we should all want that.

I am typing and I keep smelling a waft of a smell.......hmm.......what could it be? Perhaps the Koppertox that is all over my jeans? Yep.....that is it and the faint horse manure smell from my barn shoes. Face it.....I stink...not unusual after a day a the barn. My hands are rough from bleach water and my fingernails, well they could use some help.

If you read TBfriends today or yesteday, you read about Sammi.....a heart break for her family.......what a girl.....beautiful inside and outside, an inspiration to us all. Today I have nothing to complain about......please say a prayer for Sammi and her family. If anyone needs a miracle.......they do.

I have included some farm pictures from this weekend......Tarbaby....the garden.

This week, we are promised sunshine.....a dozer to grade the arena.....a little bit of fencing to put up......the washrack roof......and then ....hey, what else do we have to do? Oh, yeah....drainage ditches for this winter, this winter which may be next month for all we know! Seriously, though, we are caught up......and once the arena is really useable.....we work horses....Ryan, Caryn and I.....Briann too if she will help.

Anonymous poster.......I know aren't so anonymous......coward, is all I have to say.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Afternoon brings a wonderful surprise.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Here is a picture of what Grace looks like as of today......doesn't she look great?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Thursday .......clouds, misting of "rain" ...a little wind.....very little sun. I got up at 4am, did some laundry...drug my feet, drank my coffee slowly, read email....and finally got out the door early to go to the barn. Tired and unmotivated this morning.

I let the chickens out, let the barn cat out and went in and turned the lights on.....threw hay...came back out to feed the chickens......patted the barn cat....when I noticed the squirrels.

Notice I said "the squirrels". My mom has been feeding the squirrels and they are running rampant all over the property...although there have not been many right at the barn.......
however, this morning...I thought it was a rat...running into the barn. Nope...on second glance.....a squirrel...and he or she is not afraid of me....stops by my foot....scolds me and proceeds to dig through the chicken food...while it's friend is running in and out of the barn....chattering. The barn cat is ENTRANCED....eyes huge, looking at them, then looking at me like "did you see that?" I think she was also thinking "squirrels for breakfast" as her tail flicked back and forth and she started making little memememememmmmmeeeeeemmmeee sounds. Hmmm......I thought this could mean trouble for the squirrels and I could envision the onslaught of dialogue with my mom. The one squirrel went up a nearby small tree and scolded me as I moved the hose......and then sure enough, here comes the companion up the tree next to the other one. They are both chattering....scolding as squirrels do.....The barn cat took the opportunity to get a better position next to the chicken food and she is slow and she is stalking something..but the squirrels are up the tree...soooooooo.....I figured all was safe and I turned around to go back in the barn.....ummm.....squirrels seize the day.........they both launch themselves at the barn lands on her head, biting her ear and the other on her neck. The cat was not expecting this....startled she tries to shake one off....and the other one runs around her like a wind up toy.....the cat doesn't know what hit her and all she can really do is RUN...which she does......the chickens are hanging around eating and as the cat runs the hens start chasing her. Poor kitty....kitty runs and gets into my truck. I am watching and laughing....the squirrels are still mad and scampering around my feet.....they have no fear of me. I shut the cat in the truck for her own safety. I realize that the squirrels are not really after the chicken food......but they are after what I put into the chicken food.....SUNFLOWER seeds. Ahhhhh...well then.....that is why they are in the barn...I feed sunflower seeds to the horses.....what a perfect place for a squirrel to live and EAT. The sign on the barn does say "rescue".

I finish up my morning and head to is my Friday and I have the next week off for vacation. .....I am looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, I will ride my own an actual better be a good boy.

I will also work on some chores around the barn, if the weather is good....I have some tractor work to do.
I got a big semi tire today to hold the feed tub for Grace.......she knocks it over every morning to get rid of the beet pulp and in order to get right at the grain. She cannot knock the tire over.....and the tub fits snug in the center of the tire.
Problem solved.

I hate the Fourth of July. I like the meaning.......I like the concept.......I hate the fireworks. I will be exhausted after staying up until nearly three in the morning with the horses and dogs. I just wish the noise would go away...for good. Leave it to the professionals folks. It is always interesting to me that although we are strict on drunk driving laws.......we simply tolerate and allow drunks to have explosives all day and all night......go figure.

Off of my soap box...have a safe weekend and I hope you get to do something you enjoy.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

It is not where you left look elsewhere.