Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday...we have rain

Ummm......I guess FALL got here today. It rained all day, never got above sixty degrees and then we had wind....falling leaves.....you know....the whole fall scenario thing. All we needed was dancing pumpkins to set the stage...and I expect them tomorrow.

I am looking at it as a drill......we actually got some mud today....I saw where we had leaks.....where we are going to have more mud.....where we need more gravel and where the water will want to settle in the arena. Woe is me. Seriously....I am not looking forward to wet weather....again. It was just two months ago it left. Not fair.
Enough whining....am I whining?

I had a hard time getting up this morning because my biological clock said it was too dark to wake up....I finally roused....got up, drank coffee....no email..no time....drove to the barn, listened to the oldies station........listened to Carly Simon sing "Nobody Does it Better".....I think that is the name of it..from the James Bond movie. I am a big Carly Simon fan from way back...I like anything she sings.

I separated Grace yesterday because she is in raging heat and driving Tarbaby crazy. He doesn't know why he is so disturbed..but none the less, he is....and she is a hussy. Mares=drama. A sea of geldings wondering what the heck?

We got some really great Purina coupons for ten dollars off senior feed.......a whole booklet........what a great gift. Tarbaby and Grace eat Senior in great quantities and we will find these coupons very handy. Thank you.

Yukon is trailriding with his foster family and being a pretty good boy.....he still loves to go. Thank you Doreen and Liz for taking such good care of him.

Noah is supposed to go to his new home this week....just waiting to work the logistics out. Time to go to work little man!

The week is flying by.....my chore list is growing...I have winter on the mind....winter...perish the thought....that means blankets, stall bedding, corn oil for the old guys..mud management...pasture management....roofs.....the S word..S N O W......let's perish the thought again.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Send them a note.....you know you should.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday still

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...it got cold. I turned the heat on in the house.....August and I have the gas fireplace going....weird weather year that is for sure.

Yesterday, we worked on paddocks and our new volunteers got to groom our residents...all of whom cooperated. The sun was out, it was quite a pleasant day to work outside. The bulldozer man came and cleared our brush, so we can work on the building site of the cabin/outhouse...it will also give us a bigger turn around area...but now we need fill dirt. You fix one thing and it causes you to need something else....that is the way it goes. I will scour Craigslist for fill dirt.

Yesterday morning I got to the barn early...fed and then started cleaning....I spotted something "foreign" in the arena. Hmmm.......bright yellow.. bigger than a bread box. My curiousity takes me straight to the arena...and to the object.
The object is .......the tractor seat. I left the tractor in the arena...the small yard tractor/lawnmower, not the big one...oh oh. Okay, the seat has been ripped off and torn up.......not repairable...so then I walk over to the tractor and see that the gear shift knob was gnawed off.....the hood scraped.....the steering wheel has chew marks on it , the head ligts are broken and the tires have bite marks in them. You leave one little piece of equipment out and the mysterious night equine gremlins come out in full force. Too tempting I guess.....my fault......I should have known better. Another chore added to the list.

I also see broken top rails in between Blue and Beaver.....someone has kicked the board right in two.

Seriously.....you can't have anything nice at the farm, unless you lock it up. You have to mentally prepare yourself that anytime you build something....it generally gets broken or dented or needs to be fixed right away. Horses...

This morning I listened to opera as I fed, very relaxing....the horses didn't mention their dislike or like of Pavarotti....so I left it on for them.

Holly adopted four chickens from us........congratulations! Let us know how they do.
We had too many for the coop...now we will have more room and less bickering.

Enjoy your day.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

If you have candy in both hands, don't reach for more.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I get to sleep in.....go to the barn in my pajama bottoms......work by myself....it is quiet and slightly overcast......perfect weather for working in your jammies.

Grace was moved and so now she has a stall in the barn and a perfect instrument for her hoof music by way of her stall gate. I, of course, being a fast learner, hurry and give her the grain slop that will cease her hoof music.

I clean up paddocks, I check water/fill tubs.....make sure the chickens have scratch and feed the cat. I make a mental list of chores for later and prioritize....then I sit for a while and just watch the farm while I drink my coffee. I need to get going, I have errands to run and then need to get back to meet someone at the farm.

We are having some bulldozing done, to access a wooded part of the property....a nice place to put the outhouse/cabin......but way too much brush to clear by hand. I have to hand it to the settlers who came to this area.....no bulldozer...gosh.

I get wound up some weeks and feel overwhelmed, then I get a phone call like I did yesterday......from Tanna and Vinnie. Vinnie is learning about cows and he went to a playday. He is becoming quite a horse and has traveled a long distance from being a big dollar Thoroughbred from Kentucky. I keep saying that Tanna should have named him Lucky....because that horse is definitely LUCKY! thanks Tanna..you always lift my spirits!

I think about troubles and some days I have to find strength..it is always easy to think about quitting..because quitting something is easy.....I am not a quitter,..sometimes I merely lose my stride and I have to find it again.
Sometimes you find strength from God only knows where....sometimes you think you have no more ...but at least for myself, I find that I just need to take a step back, rest a while and then find that I can go on easily and things don't nearly seem so intense...mental or physical...it is all the same.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
(Mahatma Gandhi)
Great quote, isn't it? Always reminds me of that really short basketball player that played in the big leagues..with all those tall guys.....he was told he could never play because he was too short.......but he had an idomitable will.

We help horses because we love them. We want something better for them than starving in a pasture or being locked in a building without daylight. We want dignity and compassion......we want a kind ending when the time comes and we want punishment for those who abuse and neglect. This winter will test our strength....all of us who love horses......we need to keep the indomitable will going and focus on what we believe to be humane and compassionate. Pass it on.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Generally speaking.......you have no ground to stand on.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Twilight Tuesday

Oh...long day.....beautiful day......not too hot, sunny and clear.....slight breeze..perfect, if I had not had to work today and could have just hung out at the farm....but alas, I did have to work and so it goes.

Blue ruined most of the no climb fencing in his paddock last night.....a kicking festival towards Beaver. I will have to replace the fence and find a better spot for Blue. He hates most of his neighbors unfortunately.

Grace and Tarbaby are getting along well, but still...Tarbaby is not Silk and Grace seems a little lost without him. Tarbaby will not share his grub in a tub with her...no way, no how....she doesn't understand that what is his is really HIS, not hers.

At lunch time I went to Habitat for Humanity and found some old wooden windows for five dollars each.....one for the chicken coop and one for the out house. Yes, the outhouse will have a window....maybe a curtain too. I never put a window in before, but I am going to give it the old college try....I have a sawzall and a circular saw...that should work, right? We don't even have an out house yet....but I am in the planning stages...always planning.

The girls and I will have a cook out on Friday.......s'mores, hot dogs.....a roaring fire, ghost stories.....double dog dares....should be fun!

My chore list for Saturday is growing.....
finish the washrack, put the window in, find a spot for the outhouse....clean cobwebs..patch the pony roof....put up some hotwire, move Blue, repair the non climb, ....the fun never stops.

We have a waiting list of horses to come in...already. It makes me sad and anxious. I often feel like I am not doing enough or making a difference. I wish I could do more. I am able to keep up with what I have because of my volunteers, my job and donations. I really need to win the lotto...that could solve a lot of problems.

I think the mare we have been trying to help is going to get a new home, at least a long term foster home. She is in very rough shape and needs immediate care. Poor old thing.

The moon is full tonight and absolutely beautiful to see peeking through our trees....the coyotes are already in full voice and I hear dogs answering them in the distance. My own dog is chattering at them and it is time to bring her in for the night...

All is well.....sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Do not despair, the sun will also rise tomorrow.

More Volunteer photos

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Super Sunday

What a day.....a big volunteer day at the barn....I get up early......make toast....drink coffee, leave for the barn. Let the cat out, open the chicken coop door..and off to the races. Feed horses.....and then the group of volunteers begins to arrive.
I had 14 people help out today......two of my regular volunteers (plus Cory) and then a whole new group from Harbor Covenant Church. Really great folks. They got right to work and boy did they get a lot done....cleaned water tubs, painted, cleaned up manure, moved rocks.....and put the posts (*cemented and level)in for the wash rack, so that we can get a roof on it. Thank you to Cory for the tractor work....and thanks to Shelli and Mary for helping to direct the volunteer workers at the farm.... I am humbled by the generosity and giving spirit of volunteers....I couldn't do it without you. Thank you, I cannot tell you how much today meant to me. Pictures to follow. Christine...thanks for organizing this and thinking of Pony UP.

The rest of the day, I ran errands and took my mother to Lowes.......I got some more quickcrete and some hedge trimmers for the brush around the back paddock. I came back to the farm, added some more cement to the posts and then put the rafters up on the wash rack, so now all I need is the roofing...and some siding....it's almost done! It will be so great to have a dry place for the shoer to work. I will put some lights in it as well...because as we know......winter is coming!

It was strange to not have Silk at the farm today....Grace is a little bit worried still, but eating okay. I hope Silk is resting and I know he must be happy to be home on his beautiful estate. We want to live there too.

We moved some horses around to different paddocks and Blue now has a bigger paddock, while Tarbaby shares one with Grace, although Grace comes into a stall at night.

We have not seen the little black cat for a long time and I fear the worst...she was very cute and I was wishing she would let us catch her so we could help her. I guess it doesn't always work out the way we want.

A whole new week and it is almost September. School starts....fall will be in the air......Halloween before you know it.

Have a good week......

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow.

It is what you make out of it...that is what you end up with.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Serene Saturday

Saturday morning and I am full of anxiety....seperation of Grace and Silk. No fun. How to do it well? No telling. Just jump in the water, I guess.

My Pony Up girls are there this morning.....Caryn, Maia and Briann...we feed, we clean, we get to work...they rearrange the tack room, which really needs it by the way. I have so much tack......poured into a small room. They sweep the barn....Caryn bathes Silk, so he can go home CLEAN and white......we work like mad men.......we got a new volunteer today........Welcome Susie!..and thanks for dealing with a mad house.

Finally it is time to take Silk home......halter him, and separate Grace......the screaming begins...I leave two of the girls with Susie and my mother and Grace, while Caryn and I push the pedal to the metal to Fox Island to deliver Silk. He loads like a champ, but screams none the less....and Grace screams too. We load him and shut the divider, shut the door and GO. We deliver him to an estate of 20 acres with his old mare friend waiting for him.....Lorie Ann. The summer has been hard on Lorie Ann and she is slow while Silk runs his fields of grass...he cries a little for Grace. I call to the farm and inquire after Grace......she is now quiet and in with Tarbaby...but crying intermittently for Silk. It is sad to split them up. I am glad there is no one in charge of my life, dictating where I live and with whom.

We drop the trailer back home and then Brianne and I go to Lowes to get supplies for tomrrow...roof for the the wash rack.
We are bound to be busy tomorrow........come and join us!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fearless Friday

I struggled to sleep in this morning....about 6 thirty am, I got up, had toast, made coffee.....still tired....decided to lay down again for twenty minutes. Ha......I went to sleep like a rock.....must have been the toast.

Late to the barn, prisoners grumbling.....chickens squawking.....finally, I get hay to everyone and start cleaning paddocks. I get carried away cleaning paddocks and totally forget about grain.......that is until Tarbaby can wait no more. He bolts through the electric fence and into the paddock I am cleaning. Of course this sets off the excitement train and I have horses suddenly bolting around their paddocks...with high pitched squeals of delight. Oh boy. Well, now Tarbaby is in with Grace and Silk.....and they are running too. Grace is not, shall we say, fluid on her feet....she does not run well. I grab her.....I grab Silk and I move Silk over to Tarbaby's abandoned paddock. At this moment, I remember that Silk is going home tomorrow and wouldn't this be an opportune time to put Grace in with Tarbaby?
Indeed. So I leave Grace in with Tarbaby and Silk is by himself.


Grace begins screaming and running the fenceline....Silk just screams......Tarbaby is running and bucking. Grace falls down. I can't take having her fall down. I give in. I put her back with Silk....and off they go, like synchronized swimmers. Tomorrow, is going to be hell. I need a better plan.

After the drama has quieted, I serve up grain pronto...I learn quickly. I fill water tubs and clean a few.......clean up some more piles of horse poop that have just appeared....then go and work on cleaning part of the arena. The sun has come out and it is warm and gorgeous.

I have a couple of errands to run, then off to my lesson with Winston. I get there and Winston is a little "off"...a little lame. Oh boy again...adequan...time for sdequan. He periodically has this hitch in his hind leg....radiographs show nothing....he probably needs something far more expensive like an MRI or a CT scan....let me just reach into my deep pockets........not. Adequan makes him feel better and is more in my price range.

Tomorrow....Silk will go home. I am figuring I may have to load Grace into the trailer as well....or lock her in the stall or the arena.....gosh...I don't know.
Thick as thieves, those two.

I hope your weekend is good....enjoy the lovely weather....

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Hug the monster and he will go away.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Here it is already Wednesday. Much cooler today......thankfully.....and tomorrow should be in the seventies....alright with me.

It is raining horses again. I honestly have never seen it this bad....folks trying to dump horses for free, for 25 dollars....if you ever wanted a horse, this is the time you could get whatever you wanted......very reasonably.

We have a need for an immediate foster home for a starving mare. Perhaps a 2 on a body scale of 1 - 10. I have only seen her in pictures, so she may be a 1. The pictures are horrible and it is very upsetting. The owner of this mare says it is her breed that makes her thin....oh, may I point out she is not thin, she is skeletal......and just what breed is "thin" as a characteristic? Duh. We have NO room at Pony Up. Silk will go home next week and then we can make room......does anyone have room in their pasture and heart? We can send you a healthy one while we nurse the sick one. This mare is in Gig Harbor. Help us to help her.

There is also a very nice TB mare in Enumclaw who is a short step away from the slaugter bus......very pretty, well built, ......she deserves much better. Anyone want a prospect? Beautiful dressage prospect or hunter. email if you are interested and I can try to hook you up.

We have to try and hang in there with this horse situation. I expect it to get worse. Please make a plan, put some money away.......as I alway say.......euthanasia is a kind alternative for your old horse friend. There are not enough quality homes for pasture pets nor enough homes committed to the proper feeding of an older horse.

We have a weekend of work coming up.....lots of helpers coming on Sunday. We are so excited. I hope the weather holds up....working at the farm is not much fun in the rain...although we certainly are experienced at working in the rain. We should be able to complete the washrack, fix some roofs.....and maybe the last of the fencing.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Take a deep breath, hold your chin up and move on.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Move over Monday

Monday, Monday...can't trust that day.....so the song goes.

Hot again today....uncomfortably so....yes, I am hearing myself complain and I really shouldn't after a winter that lasted until July...but it was hot and I was sweaty today........ewww. My house has air conditioning......thank goodness.

I am a slave to the barn when it is hot.....fresh water for everyone in the morning and another overflow of the stock tanks in the late afternoon, so that everyone has the opportunity to drink cool water. Check salt bricks.....check hooves.......see who sweated, who didn't......check fly masks......douse with fly spray and oh, take the hose to Ollie. He loves a cool spray of water when it is hot. He will turn all the way around and then douse his face. Smart boy. Max on the other hand, is at full alert for the hose and RUNS like the wind when he sees it...maybe I should get the hose out for his lessons.....? He is a lazy boy.

Silk will go home in a week or so.....Grace, I am sure will be having a heart attack over this and so we plan for her oompanionship.......Tarbaby. Yes, Tarbaby....he is old and eats about like she does, so the competition should be low when food arrives.

Beaver is in the back paddock, sulking......he was a bad pony and started a fight...he got the worst of it...but it never teaches him a lesson....somedays he is just an angry pony. He is in the stud pen....aww...safety...for him and his victim.

We got the best alfalfa last week.....so much flake to it......Silk and Grace are able to eat most of it without too much waste. Every horse wants it....especially the ponies. Thank you to Joe Lietz.....you always take care of us.

Just when you think you have seen the worst of the worst.....you see "worse". I really tire of it. I tire of irresponsible humans.....apathetic morons with weak excuses for their actions. I can't go into it today..I can't write about it. I am getting cynical, perhaps jaded......calloused.....I don't know. Somedays I want to crawl into a cave in a remote Siberian town and never hear about crimes against animals again.

It won't be long and winter will be here......we plan for the farm and hay and horses. Winter is always long, there is always mud and water to contend with. You line up who goes where depending on how the paddock holds us. Yep, I may have to get more gravel. LOL. We like the pea gravel really well....it drains, it is fairly easy to clean, easy on the hooves.....but yikes......it is expensive. Our paddocks held up well last year...so we will do some maintenance and hopefully be good to go...still we have some areas that are unprotected which will need attention.

It's a work party on August 22nd. All sorts of things to do. Come and join us or send us your best thoughts! We are raising a roof and putting up some fencing....some painting, some cleaning......grooming....something for everyone.

Enjoy your week......

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Shed your ego.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Suddenly Saturday

OOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhh, it was hot out there today. I got up early and went to the barn, worked in a tank top at 7:30am, cleaned water tanks, scooped manure....and of course, fed the prisoners. By noon it was 95 degrees. Hot for us Washingtonians.

The two new guys have settled into our routine, good manners, and they are both feeling better from very slight colds. Noah eats like a thrashing machine and Blue is right behind him. Both have big appetites.....but both are easy keepers and really don't need grain......still I give them a handful of timothy pellets to give them the idea that they are getting something that everyone else is getting. Horse psychology, huh? Otherwise there is a lot of complaining, stall wall kicking, general disturbance.

Today was a long day.....my Pony Up girls went with me and sold lemonade at Cenex.....and what a good job they did! We are invited back on October 23 to customer appreciation day to have a table and hand out flyers. Mark your calendars!

We also got Noah's mane and tail cut.....put Brianne on Blue as a test kid.......raked rocks and manure from the arena and had a couple of water fights.

The rooster has taken a dislike to most folks at the barn except me...probably because I am meaner than he is....I pick him up and hold him, which seems to humiliate him....then my mother also picked him up and held him for a while and he made for higher ground. He takes good care of the hens but we will have to lock him up while volunteers are around because he is a bully.

We had a new volunteer today.......welcome Abby and thanks for helping us.

Silk had a major fit about getting his fly mask on .....but finally we got it on him and he got sun screen on his pink muzzle....he hates the sunscreen and to add insult to injury.....we fly sprayed him too and he would have liked to convince us that in his 25 years, he has never had fly spray applied before.......ever. Right.

I got a look at one of the horses at the Humane Society.....one of the ones who spent two years in the clutches of Roni Meyers......I cried...openly. Surely this is one of the saddest things I have seen in my life. Recovery will take a very long time if he can recover at all.

Tomorrow.......the same chores all over again......manure ......feet to clean, water tubs to scrub, fly mask checks......and some brush to clear in the lower pasture.
we have someone who wants to come and look at Blue in the late afternoon....I need to lunge Noah......

As a reminder to myself......I need Adequan....Max, Grace, Blue and Tarbaby could use some.

Hope your weekend is great!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

You can learn from your critics.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thoughts on a Thursday

One of those days.

You hear the details of the latest horse starvation......it makes you sick. It makes you wonder what happens to a person or what happened to a person that could enable them to do such a thing?

You lock three horses and four dogs in a small metal building and slowly starve them to death.... the manure is up past their knees, they have burns on their legs. The stench from the first horse to die is unbearable and even the next door neighbors can't stand it. The building has no ventilation, no windows......just one roll up door and one regular door. The heat is intense, there are no lights on......it is dark. There is no corral outside, no fencing. I must pass this way once a day and I have never seen a horse at the premises....ever.

I don't get it. These things never cease to shock me.....never cease to show me how unbelieveably cruel some humans can be.

This person was not having any difficulty feeding herself.....or paying for gas to go here and there.

Ms Myers......there is a special place in hell for you....I hope you are feeling the heat.

I demand an explanation...I demand a severe punishment, although I am not sure there is s stiff enough penalty in our justice system for this.. surely this person is a mental case and should be locked up for the general public's safety. I want to see a scarlet letter on these types of people so we can all see them for what they are. I want a court ordered mental evaluation, followed by a stint in Western State Hospital and then prison....maybe a dark room, no ventilation, oppressive heat, and the stench of death.......sound inviting Ms Myers?

I bring this up today for two reasons.......

Reason number 1........YOU must report it and keep reporting it when you see cruelty, starvation, neglect. You may be the only thing that can help an animal in this condition or state of neglect. Encourage others to call. When you report it, have an address, cross street, stick with the facts of what you saw, when you saw it.....take a photo with your cell phone. Don't give up.......

Reason number 2.........Do not, ever, just give your horse away..ask for references, then call those references, do a site visit and see where your animal will be kept. References should include a vet, a farrier or other horse professional....otherwise anybody can have their cousin Eddie vouch for them. Even if you sell your horse....ask for and check references. There are freaks everywhere and you don't want your horse with one of them. If your horse is old, lame and you cannot keep him/her ...please consider gentle euthanasia for your friend.

If stories like this disturb you......support your local horse rescue....volunteer, donate money or useable articles. Bringing horses back to a state of health is expensive and emotional. All rescues need help.

Pony Up fortune for today:

What goes around comes around.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Talk about Tuesday

The week is screaming by....Tuesday already and working on Wednesday.

Two people have come to look at Blue for adoption. Blue is only fifteen but has had a hard life somewhere along the line.......sore hocks, fat belly, sway back.......but he has impeccable manners, leads nicely, picks up his feet like a gentleman.....never rubs on you (uh...like some Hanoverians do...who shall remain nameless)........anyway, we will give him the kid test on Saturday morning to make sure he can tolerate eight year olds getting on and off of him. Think positive thoughts......this boy is a little depressed about being in a strange place and doesn't know who to trust completely.

Noah, on the other hand is a pistol.....into everything, loves everyone, busy, busy, busy! He loves feeding time and openly shows his contempt of being fed last.
Training is coming his way......he lunges nicely....picks up his feet nicely..is a little pushy, but comes around with gentle correction.

Both Noah and Blue were dewormed and had their feet looked at. Noah has flat little feet......Noah has okay feet...typical Appaloosa, if you ask me...but what do I know? I am not the shoer....I only pay one.

Maia had a lesson on Max tonight.....she looks like a superstar.....Max was a little stubborn and wanted to walk with his nose in the air......Maia persevered. Caryn...Maia wants you back for her teacher...LOL>

We got alfalfa hay delivered today.....nice, fresh, flaky......just how the horses like it. Grace especially......she loves the flakey part.
Jaime we got your supplement that you sent for Grace and she is eating it as I write.........thank you for your generosity. The supplement does wonders for Grace. I also got the Smartpak catalog and found several things I need......NOT...I had to put that thing down.

Weather is supposed to get hot this week,,,,probably just in time for my lesson on Winston. Oh boy....I can hardly wait.

We will be at Cenex this weekend, raising funds and passing out flyers. Come see us.
At 11 am....

My young hens are beginning to lay eggs.......little tiny ones.. they look like pigeon eggs....they should be on a roll soon and we will have about a dozen eggs per day.

We think positive thoughts for Gage Irving who had a really bad accident......we encourage your prayers for his speedy recovery....hang in there Gage.......you can do it!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

One moment too soon or too late?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blue and Noah

Sunday morning around the farm

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Update....look at Vinnie now!

Remember Vinnie? Adopted earlier this year?
Here is an updated picture of him from today,courtesy of his new momma....Tana!
Doesn't he look great?

He has come a long way from being dropped at the auction house as a "twelve year old saddle horse"........as you know, he was a very expensive and well bred TB gelding, who was not twelve, but five......he was being kept in a garage with a trampoline.....no lie.

Vinnie is a regular saddle horse now.....smart, athletic......a pure joy.....we are so lucky to have found Tana for Vinnie. He has a great home and is well loved.....that is really all we ask.

Hugs to you and Vinnie.....Tana, you are the best!

Saturday.......we have rain

Rain........to go with my somber mood. I guess we need it....the pastures are dusty with sparse grass. It is sixty degrees and still somewhat humid.....I work in a tee shirt and sweat a little. We feed horses, pick stalls, unload grain, clean the barn, groom horses, pick feet, medicate feet, de-worm the new additions and then put up a new gate. I clean out the chicken house and put fresh bedding down......it is too wet to ride.

We talk about plans for this week...a riding lesson for Maia......a riding lesson for Ryan.....patch the roof on the pony shed....make a plan for the shoeing stand...it needs a roof so that we can use it this winter.....two small runs of fencing to replace and then who lives in what paddock and who can share with whom? Not everyone gets along. Beaver for instance, hates everyone and he is a bully in a little body. Max and Ollie get along well.....Tarbaby has taken a shine to the new pony but the new pony only eats hay...no grain.....Grace can get along with anyone but she is delicate and cannot take a kick or a shove....she also eats a lot and I don't want anyone hogging her food....right now she and Silk eat the same amount and at the same rate.....which is very convenient for feeding. I suppose Tarbaby is the next logical room mate for Grace. Feeding has to be easy...especially in winter.

Winter is right around the corner when you have a farm....always looming over your shoulder. I wonder what they say in Arizona? LOL.

Thank you all for your kind words about Sully...I appreciate it very much. I have a big heart and usually it is in some sort of fractured state or swelled up.....such is my life with horses and rescue. I hate it when we lose one and we have certainly had our share....still I suppose when one considers that horses needing rescue are often in fragile states or been through Lord only knows what, loss of life can be expected. For being such big strong creatures, horses are suprisingly fragile in many ways. Just when you think you have the world by the tail.....the tail comes loose.

I am off to run some errands for the afternoon, then to meet some folks dropping off some blankets for us. There is that winter thing again......blankets.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

You cannot cross a burned bridge, find another path.

Friday, August 6, 2010

For those of you that asked

I had not wanted to post the details but several of you have asked.....and so here is my graphic explanation and I hope it will help you to understand why Sully was euthanized.

Sully had complications of the flu...systemic infection secondary to flu. Perhaps an internal abcess on his lungs or other vital organs which burst. His illness began with a simple flu.......but one that hung on and on....thirty days later we thought he was well again, clean nose, no temperature...we waited another few weeks and then put him back to work......two days into work, he got a snotty nose again and a temp....so we put him back on meds and turned him out. He was to be turned out until October, so that this time he could really rest and get well......however, on Monday of this week, the leg swelling started....we assumed he has scratches, but the Jones farm has no mud and pristine pastures, so it seemed odd.....his legs were washed, cold hosed and Panalog'd.........the the coughing came on and even with medication, things got worse...the swelling got huge to where Sully had a hard time walking. He was administered meds and on Wed, we thought he was better but by Thursday he was much worse.
The decision was made to euthanize him after his coughing could not be quieted and the skin on his legs split due to extreme swelling. I could not/would not ask him to go on in that condition. He was miserable and suffering.

These decisions are hard to make and hard to live with. You never feel good about them....you always wish there was something else you had done, could have done or could have done differently. It is a crap shoot with horses when they are ill.....you do this, you do that, you consult this vet and that vet......but in the end, your gut tells you what to do.

It is easy to judge me I suppose, but I hope you will judge me kindly.... I loved Sully......... Pony UP, as well as me personally, spent thousands of dollars on his care and training in the last year. I point that out, because I don't think people realize some of the costs in the rehab and retraining of our horses. When there is no Pony Up money, I pay the bills. I am not complaining.......I am passionate about what I do and I try to do it right. Sully did not fall through the cracks or become unwanted. We were planning on bringing him home at the end of the month, to finish getting well at the Pony Up farm....we just couldn't bring him home with any obvious flu.....we didn't want to spread it to our other horses. Sully had the best of care right up to the end.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday afternoon

I write with a heavy heart.....we lost our boy Sully today.
It is never easy for me to have a horse euthanized....but even harder when the horse is not old, and not lame.....however, when a horse is suffering and there is not much chance of getting better, you do the right thing...even when your heart breaks.

I don't have much else to say tonight, but this......Sully was well loved and cared for this last year. He was a gem to deal with, handsome and very smart. I am not much of an Arabian fan, but I will admit he changed my mind....I adored his spirit and personality in his compact perfect body. I remember when we picked him up....I said oh oh...he was independent and opinionated....but he turned into a pocket pony within a short time.

I would personally like to thank Lauren and Sandy for all of their time and efforts with him...he loved you. I would also like to thank the Jones farm for tending to him these last few days and letting him stay in the fields all summer with the yearlings..I know he loved that! I also want to thank the Stiffey family for bringing him to us and caring about him when no one else would.

Sully......you run like the wind boy.....I hope to see you again.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday afternoon

Just a note to say that Sully is a little bit better today....less swelling but still on Banamine, cold hosing.

Keep up the good thoughts!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Twilight Tuesday

Picture of Blue,Noah and Church (dark bay)

Long day today...starts early, goes late. Horses to feed, horses to clean up after...what would I do without volunteers? I am always thankful to have them.....great people.

The bad news of the day first. Sully is extremely ill. We are sort of on a 24 hour vigil. He is on pain medication and some antibiotic drugs....he is being cold hosed for his fever and hand walked for leg swelling. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts.

Our three new guys are going well.....quiet and settled....eating well. We lunged them today, sat on them and did some ground manner work with the younger POA. Their names are Blue and Noah. Noah is the younger one and Blue is the older one. Blue is like sitting on a couch and a slow walker....Noah is interested in everything.

I took the chicken off her nest.......the egg did not hatch and I could not find a young chick to put under her. We have enough chickens anyway......but she was very upset with me, pecked me and scolded me as only a hen can. I guess I can't blame her.

The weather was great again today......thoroughly enjoyed it. Speaking of weather, sort of.....did you see the blood red sunset that we had? I have never seen such a color......it was amazing. I generally hate the over use of the word "amazing"....but this was truly amazing.........so very pretty.

I am off to do some chores before bed....laundry, dished, feed the dogs....put the dogs out......collapse into bed. I am tired today and mentally tired from worrying about Sully.

Enjoy your week......we are almost halfway through it.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

You have not lost it for good.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Moreover Monday

When we least expect it........the family grows.

Sunday, we got three new horses in........yes, I said three...although one is a pony, one is a med sized horse, and one is just a regular horse sized horse. They all seem like ponies compared to my own big guys. I call a 15 hand horse a pony. ...but alas I am tall.......they are short.

So why do you ask? We were looking for a pony......a smaller lesson pony......and then the meat man cometh......who is the meat man? Slaughter house, knacker, kill buyer.......we call him a lot of things....some things I can't print.

We needed the last horse like a hole in the head....but he REALLY is a good looking horse and I think we can place him. I am confident we can place him...yep. I am .
The other guy is an older guy, slightly sway backed, chubby, beautiful face....a kids horse....he deserved better than this auction..and no reserve either....so a very easy buy for the meat man. So anyway, call me crazy.......but I am going to place both of these guys........somewhere better.....I wish I could have taken them all and truth be told, there are many fine horses still at the auction yard who are going to get on the truck....these two guys were just lucky to have a crazy woman take them home to a crowded farm. You, gentle reader.....should help me spread the word and get them some fabulous homes......the more I place, the more I can help....but I am out of room! Anyone who wants to sponsor or foster......SPEAK UP!!!!!!! We need you. We have a great retirement place for 350 a month....you can visit them , groom them......love them.

So to update.........we have a seven year old POA, 14H, nice stocky build, bay roan, nice feet, handsome.....greenbroke.....send him to the trainer.....have a really great eventer.....hunter......dressage pony..........and then we have a 15 year old Appaloosa gelding, chubby, nice feet, pretty quarter horse head, mattress backed, slightly (very slightly sway backed)...kids horse...or husband horse if your husband is not HUGE.... he may be 15H.

I may have to get a second job........so help me out.....pass the word.....these guys need a home.

Caryn worked them in the arena tonight, the younger one lunges nicely, picks his feet up nicely, pretty good manners and a nice mover. Hauls and loads..... Not for a beginner rider. Buy him and make him into an expensive little hunter pony...make your friends jealous!.

The older guy is a trooper..loves treats and attention....good with feet.....no bite, no kick. Hauls and loads.
email me if you are interested?

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.