Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thoughts on a Thursday

One of those days.

You hear the details of the latest horse makes you sick. It makes you wonder what happens to a person or what happened to a person that could enable them to do such a thing?

You lock three horses and four dogs in a small metal building and slowly starve them to death.... the manure is up past their knees, they have burns on their legs. The stench from the first horse to die is unbearable and even the next door neighbors can't stand it. The building has no ventilation, no windows......just one roll up door and one regular door. The heat is intense, there are no lights is dark. There is no corral outside, no fencing. I must pass this way once a day and I have never seen a horse at the premises....ever.

I don't get it. These things never cease to shock me.....never cease to show me how unbelieveably cruel some humans can be.

This person was not having any difficulty feeding herself.....or paying for gas to go here and there.

Ms Myers......there is a special place in hell for you....I hope you are feeling the heat.

I demand an explanation...I demand a severe punishment, although I am not sure there is s stiff enough penalty in our justice system for this.. surely this person is a mental case and should be locked up for the general public's safety. I want to see a scarlet letter on these types of people so we can all see them for what they are. I want a court ordered mental evaluation, followed by a stint in Western State Hospital and then prison....maybe a dark room, no ventilation, oppressive heat, and the stench of death.......sound inviting Ms Myers?

I bring this up today for two reasons.......

Reason number 1........YOU must report it and keep reporting it when you see cruelty, starvation, neglect. You may be the only thing that can help an animal in this condition or state of neglect. Encourage others to call. When you report it, have an address, cross street, stick with the facts of what you saw, when you saw it.....take a photo with your cell phone. Don't give up.......

Reason number 2.........Do not, ever, just give your horse away..ask for references, then call those references, do a site visit and see where your animal will be kept. References should include a vet, a farrier or other horse professional....otherwise anybody can have their cousin Eddie vouch for them. Even if you sell your horse....ask for and check references. There are freaks everywhere and you don't want your horse with one of them. If your horse is old, lame and you cannot keep him/her ...please consider gentle euthanasia for your friend.

If stories like this disturb your local horse rescue....volunteer, donate money or useable articles. Bringing horses back to a state of health is expensive and emotional. All rescues need help.

Pony Up fortune for today:

What goes around comes around.

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