Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday.......we have rain go with my somber mood. I guess we need it....the pastures are dusty with sparse grass. It is sixty degrees and still somewhat humid.....I work in a tee shirt and sweat a little. We feed horses, pick stalls, unload grain, clean the barn, groom horses, pick feet, medicate feet, de-worm the new additions and then put up a new gate. I clean out the chicken house and put fresh bedding is too wet to ride.

We talk about plans for this week...a riding lesson for Maia......a riding lesson for Ryan.....patch the roof on the pony shed....make a plan for the shoeing needs a roof so that we can use it this winter.....two small runs of fencing to replace and then who lives in what paddock and who can share with whom? Not everyone gets along. Beaver for instance, hates everyone and he is a bully in a little body. Max and Ollie get along well.....Tarbaby has taken a shine to the new pony but the new pony only eats grain.....Grace can get along with anyone but she is delicate and cannot take a kick or a shove....she also eats a lot and I don't want anyone hogging her food....right now she and Silk eat the same amount and at the same rate.....which is very convenient for feeding. I suppose Tarbaby is the next logical room mate for Grace. Feeding has to be easy...especially in winter.

Winter is right around the corner when you have a farm....always looming over your shoulder. I wonder what they say in Arizona? LOL.

Thank you all for your kind words about Sully...I appreciate it very much. I have a big heart and usually it is in some sort of fractured state or swelled up.....such is my life with horses and rescue. I hate it when we lose one and we have certainly had our share....still I suppose when one considers that horses needing rescue are often in fragile states or been through Lord only knows what, loss of life can be expected. For being such big strong creatures, horses are suprisingly fragile in many ways. Just when you think you have the world by the tail.....the tail comes loose.

I am off to run some errands for the afternoon, then to meet some folks dropping off some blankets for us. There is that winter thing again......blankets.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

You cannot cross a burned bridge, find another path.

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