Monday, August 16, 2010

Move over Monday

Monday, Monday...can't trust that the song goes.

Hot again today....uncomfortably so....yes, I am hearing myself complain and I really shouldn't after a winter that lasted until July...but it was hot and I was sweaty today........ewww. My house has air conditioning......thank goodness.

I am a slave to the barn when it is hot.....fresh water for everyone in the morning and another overflow of the stock tanks in the late afternoon, so that everyone has the opportunity to drink cool water. Check salt bricks.....check hooves.......see who sweated, who didn't......check fly masks......douse with fly spray and oh, take the hose to Ollie. He loves a cool spray of water when it is hot. He will turn all the way around and then douse his face. Smart boy. Max on the other hand, is at full alert for the hose and RUNS like the wind when he sees it...maybe I should get the hose out for his lessons.....? He is a lazy boy.

Silk will go home in a week or so.....Grace, I am sure will be having a heart attack over this and so we plan for her oompanionship.......Tarbaby. Yes, Tarbaby....he is old and eats about like she does, so the competition should be low when food arrives.

Beaver is in the back paddock, sulking......he was a bad pony and started a fight...he got the worst of it...but it never teaches him a lesson....somedays he is just an angry pony. He is in the stud him and his victim.

We got the best alfalfa last much flake to it......Silk and Grace are able to eat most of it without too much waste. Every horse wants it....especially the ponies. Thank you to Joe always take care of us.

Just when you think you have seen the worst of the see "worse". I really tire of it. I tire of irresponsible humans.....apathetic morons with weak excuses for their actions. I can't go into it today..I can't write about it. I am getting cynical, perhaps jaded......calloused.....I don't know. Somedays I want to crawl into a cave in a remote Siberian town and never hear about crimes against animals again.

It won't be long and winter will be here......we plan for the farm and hay and horses. Winter is always long, there is always mud and water to contend with. You line up who goes where depending on how the paddock holds us. Yep, I may have to get more gravel. LOL. We like the pea gravel really drains, it is fairly easy to clean, easy on the hooves.....but is expensive. Our paddocks held up well last we will do some maintenance and hopefully be good to go...still we have some areas that are unprotected which will need attention.

It's a work party on August 22nd. All sorts of things to do. Come and join us or send us your best thoughts! We are raising a roof and putting up some fencing....some painting, some cleaning......grooming....something for everyone.

Enjoy your week......

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