Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Update....look at Vinnie now!

Remember Vinnie? Adopted earlier this year?
Here is an updated picture of him from today,courtesy of his new momma....Tana!
Doesn't he look great?

He has come a long way from being dropped at the auction house as a "twelve year old saddle horse" you know, he was a very expensive and well bred TB gelding, who was not twelve, but five......he was being kept in a garage with a lie.

Vinnie is a regular saddle horse, athletic......a pure joy.....we are so lucky to have found Tana for Vinnie. He has a great home and is well loved.....that is really all we ask.

Hugs to you and Vinnie.....Tana, you are the best!


Doreen said...

Totally happy for all involved.....animal and human!!!!

jstiffeyssn648 said...

yah forgot the other one Briann and her boy Rio competed today I could not get there because of work but you will have to ask Briann

Pony Up Rescue for Equines said...

I will get them today!!!!!!!!!