Friday, August 20, 2010

Fearless Friday

I struggled to sleep in this morning....about 6 thirty am, I got up, had toast, made coffee.....still tired....decided to lay down again for twenty minutes. Ha......I went to sleep like a rock.....must have been the toast.

Late to the barn, prisoners grumbling.....chickens squawking.....finally, I get hay to everyone and start cleaning paddocks. I get carried away cleaning paddocks and totally forget about grain.......that is until Tarbaby can wait no more. He bolts through the electric fence and into the paddock I am cleaning. Of course this sets off the excitement train and I have horses suddenly bolting around their paddocks...with high pitched squeals of delight. Oh boy. Well, now Tarbaby is in with Grace and Silk.....and they are running too. Grace is not, shall we say, fluid on her feet....she does not run well. I grab her.....I grab Silk and I move Silk over to Tarbaby's abandoned paddock. At this moment, I remember that Silk is going home tomorrow and wouldn't this be an opportune time to put Grace in with Tarbaby?
Indeed. So I leave Grace in with Tarbaby and Silk is by himself.


Grace begins screaming and running the fenceline....Silk just screams......Tarbaby is running and bucking. Grace falls down. I can't take having her fall down. I give in. I put her back with Silk....and off they go, like synchronized swimmers. Tomorrow, is going to be hell. I need a better plan.

After the drama has quieted, I serve up grain pronto...I learn quickly. I fill water tubs and clean a few.......clean up some more piles of horse poop that have just appeared....then go and work on cleaning part of the arena. The sun has come out and it is warm and gorgeous.

I have a couple of errands to run, then off to my lesson with Winston. I get there and Winston is a little "off"...a little lame. Oh boy again...adequan...time for sdequan. He periodically has this hitch in his hind leg....radiographs show nothing....he probably needs something far more expensive like an MRI or a CT scan....let me just reach into my deep pockets........not. Adequan makes him feel better and is more in my price range.

Tomorrow....Silk will go home. I am figuring I may have to load Grace into the trailer as well....or lock her in the stall or the arena.....gosh...I don't know.
Thick as thieves, those two.

I hope your weekend is good....enjoy the lovely weather....

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Hug the monster and he will go away.

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