Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday still got cold. I turned the heat on in the house.....August and I have the gas fireplace going....weird weather year that is for sure.

Yesterday, we worked on paddocks and our new volunteers got to groom our residents...all of whom cooperated. The sun was out, it was quite a pleasant day to work outside. The bulldozer man came and cleared our brush, so we can work on the building site of the cabin/ will also give us a bigger turn around area...but now we need fill dirt. You fix one thing and it causes you to need something else....that is the way it goes. I will scour Craigslist for fill dirt.

Yesterday morning I got to the barn early...fed and then started cleaning....I spotted something "foreign" in the arena. Hmmm.......bright yellow.. bigger than a bread box. My curiousity takes me straight to the arena...and to the object.
The object is .......the tractor seat. I left the tractor in the arena...the small yard tractor/lawnmower, not the big one...oh oh. Okay, the seat has been ripped off and torn up.......not then I walk over to the tractor and see that the gear shift knob was gnawed off.....the hood scraped.....the steering wheel has chew marks on it , the head ligts are broken and the tires have bite marks in them. You leave one little piece of equipment out and the mysterious night equine gremlins come out in full force. Too tempting I fault......I should have known better. Another chore added to the list.

I also see broken top rails in between Blue and Beaver.....someone has kicked the board right in two. can't have anything nice at the farm, unless you lock it up. You have to mentally prepare yourself that anytime you build generally gets broken or dented or needs to be fixed right away. Horses...

This morning I listened to opera as I fed, very relaxing....the horses didn't mention their dislike or like of I left it on for them.

Holly adopted four chickens from us........congratulations! Let us know how they do.
We had too many for the we will have more room and less bickering.

Enjoy your day.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

If you have candy in both hands, don't reach for more.

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