Saturday, August 21, 2010

Serene Saturday

Saturday morning and I am full of anxiety....seperation of Grace and Silk. No fun. How to do it well? No telling. Just jump in the water, I guess.

My Pony Up girls are there this morning.....Caryn, Maia and Briann...we feed, we clean, we get to work...they rearrange the tack room, which really needs it by the way. I have so much tack......poured into a small room. They sweep the barn....Caryn bathes Silk, so he can go home CLEAN and white......we work like mad men.......we got a new volunteer today........Welcome Susie!..and thanks for dealing with a mad house.

Finally it is time to take Silk home......halter him, and separate Grace......the screaming begins...I leave two of the girls with Susie and my mother and Grace, while Caryn and I push the pedal to the metal to Fox Island to deliver Silk. He loads like a champ, but screams none the less....and Grace screams too. We load him and shut the divider, shut the door and GO. We deliver him to an estate of 20 acres with his old mare friend waiting for him.....Lorie Ann. The summer has been hard on Lorie Ann and she is slow while Silk runs his fields of grass...he cries a little for Grace. I call to the farm and inquire after Grace......she is now quiet and in with Tarbaby...but crying intermittently for Silk. It is sad to split them up. I am glad there is no one in charge of my life, dictating where I live and with whom.

We drop the trailer back home and then Brianne and I go to Lowes to get supplies for tomrrow...roof for the the wash rack.
We are bound to be busy tomorrow........come and join us!

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