Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Here it is already Wednesday. Much cooler today......thankfully.....and tomorrow should be in the seventies....alright with me.

It is raining horses again. I honestly have never seen it this bad....folks trying to dump horses for free, for 25 dollars....if you ever wanted a horse, this is the time you could get whatever you wanted......very reasonably.

We have a need for an immediate foster home for a starving mare. Perhaps a 2 on a body scale of 1 - 10. I have only seen her in pictures, so she may be a 1. The pictures are horrible and it is very upsetting. The owner of this mare says it is her breed that makes her thin....oh, may I point out she is not thin, she is skeletal......and just what breed is "thin" as a characteristic? Duh. We have NO room at Pony Up. Silk will go home next week and then we can make room......does anyone have room in their pasture and heart? We can send you a healthy one while we nurse the sick one. This mare is in Gig Harbor. Help us to help her.

There is also a very nice TB mare in Enumclaw who is a short step away from the slaugter bus......very pretty, well built, ......she deserves much better. Anyone want a prospect? Beautiful dressage prospect or hunter. email if you are interested and I can try to hook you up.

We have to try and hang in there with this horse situation. I expect it to get worse. Please make a plan, put some money I alway say.......euthanasia is a kind alternative for your old horse friend. There are not enough quality homes for pasture pets nor enough homes committed to the proper feeding of an older horse.

We have a weekend of work coming up.....lots of helpers coming on Sunday. We are so excited. I hope the weather holds up....working at the farm is not much fun in the rain...although we certainly are experienced at working in the rain. We should be able to complete the washrack, fix some roofs.....and maybe the last of the fencing.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Take a deep breath, hold your chin up and move on.

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Doreen said...

I really wish I had the ability to help you out right now but having 3 of my own.....that is not doable at the moment! I am hoping that in the future I will be able to become a foster care giver for some of those that you want to help and save....2 of the horses that I have are pretty much rescue horses themselves!!! Wish I could help out more!