Thursday, October 28, 2010

Through Thursday again.....

News of the day.......

Pony Up Rescue for Equines is having their annual fundraiser/dinner auction on November 20th, 2010. The event begins at 6pm. Tickets are 28 dollars in advance or 30dollars at the door. We will have a small live auction as well as silent auction tables.....something for everyone! The dinner this year is a pasta buffet with caesar salad! There will be a non hosted bar as well. Please RSVP to by November 17th. We hope to see you there. Also I should mention, that we will have a desert auction after dinner, with all proceeds going to the "For Jake's Sake Fund".

The weather was back to cool today with light rain and more promised to come. I got pellets down in all the stalls and all hooves are standing in the said pellets as we speak. Blankets are still tears or catastrophic disasters as of yet..but I am sure it will always does.

Wally the pony is FAT. We have him on a diet but gosh.....he is still fat. Like pregnant fat.
Speaking of pregnant.....Lizzie is NOT! We love foals....but it is a room at the inn presently...always a waiting list. Right now we have three horses on a waiting list.......nice horses too..that folks just cannot keep. Sad isn't it.

I cannot believe that it is already November..Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the bend and then TAX time. UGH>

Funny how you notice things during the day. Today at work I noticed that my very dry hands were stained a lovely shade of green in the lines and crevices of my palms..from mixing grain/beet pulp/alf pellets in early am horse mush.....I went right to the bathroom and scrubbed them with antibacterial soap....but it did no stuck like glue. I really should wear gloves...why don't I wear gloves? Good thing I am not a nurse...wouldn't that be lovely?

Bonnie the chicken is still hanging in there. She talks to me when I pick her up and softly clucks while I stretch her legs and wings. She is very thin and needs to eat more. I have to think of how I can best do this....she cannot stay outside unprotected...maybe the cat room?

Tomorrow, I will spread some gravel, clean paddocks.......soak Tarbaby's feet.....then I have to go to work in the I won't get as much done as I would like ...

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Stick to your guns.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010's Wednesday already

Hardly any time this write or even sit down. Tonight is my night off from the barn......but I went there anyway, because we were out of stall pellets and I expect it to rain again tomorrow. Tarbaby's feet have to be kept dry, at least as dry as we can keep them. The weather was cool today but the sun came out and it was a welcome break. If you don't live have no idea about the kind of rain we had the last few days. The wind was big too......and we lost so many of the maple leaves from the was hard to even see the pavement on the road. The trees are simply breathtaking with all of the color...really lovely.

Our horses faired okay through the rain and I shudder to think about the horses who are just starting to suffer from the effects of folks not taking care of them. Right here on our own street......two black shelter, no blankets.....sporadic water. It is going to be a long winter. Sometimes these things, they end right up in your lap.

I am thankful for my volunteers and all the work they do for the love of the horses.
It would be impossible to do this all myself and I am fortunate to be surrounded by people with big hearts. We love the horses as our own, don't we?

Still working on the fundraiser....and it may have to be the first week in December now......not enough time to get everything done and we are having a hard time finding a place...details, details.

Time to go and finish a few home type chores before I go to bed and start all over again.

Halloween this much fun!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

You cannot find what you seek where you seek it.......change your direction.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soaked on Sunday

It rained buckets last woke me from sleep and I listened to it for a while, had some anxiety about whether all of our prepping for winter would be okay or did we miss something.
Although it is my sleep in day, I got up early...let dogs out, made coffee......ate soybeans.....and then went to the barn. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were NO floods...stall floors were dry and all blankets were still on. The barn roof has one small leak and it is around the drips just a little. Something to fix this week.

I finally blanketed everyone yesterday. I have been blanketing Tarbaby, the old guy for the last couple of weeks at night. It is funny that you cannot remember who wore what last year........okay, I can't...maybe you can. I really only remembered that Winston wore the HUGE purple blanket.....and Max came with a Horses in Black blanket. Imagine my surprise when the HIB blanket would not begin to fit Max. ...and it is now being worn by Jones. Louie had to take the size 86 blanket, while Lizzie wore the 82. Where did all the small horses go? Ah, well we have Blue who is as wide as he is tall......but he hates a does Beaver, and as I am a fast learner....Beaver never wears a blanket because the blanket is immediately destroyed...not just taken off, but destroyed...and since he has hair like a Tibetan Yak, I don't worry about him.

Bonnie the chicken is still about the same..physical therapy twice a day..I put a dirt box in the chicken coop so she can eat small pebbles, like she would do in the outside world.....and so she can also take a dust bath. She did both yesterday. She loves to share the canned cat food in the morning with the cat.....and I am not telling her it is chicken.

We had visitors yesterday..a new volunteer and someone who is interested in Wally. Caryn and I were also at Cenex yesterday and handed out flyers and Halloween candy......we had lots of interest in Wally.

Thank you Nicky M for your donation and also thank you Erin for the grain you donated.......we appreciate all you do for us. Nicky, we hope to see you again soon.
Also thanks to Susy P for the work on our behalf and the stall pellets. This is the time of the year that we use a gazillion pellets.....Thank you to Strohs for the donation of the fly sheet and hood.

I was chastised by Chippy this morning because he was out of sunflower seeds. He scolded me right up until I filled his dish.

The sky is dark and threatening......promises to rain all day and apparently we are supposed to get wind too. Great. Although I really do love the wind.

Images of fall and of course, the squirrel....

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:\

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010's Wednesday...

The week is flying by, as it always does.
Cold and clear in the morning and leads to a sunny clear rain. I love this type of weather. It is supposed to rain later this week. I just have time to go and get the newly cleaned horse blankets at Strohs before the torrential downpours begin.

One of my chickens got better and is back with the flock. Bonnie still struggles to get well. I get her out each morning and help her stretch her wings, feed her and let her drink.....then she sits on the hay while I feed. She clucks to me and makes little noises. As I walk by her, I stand her up so she can stretch her legs. Now I am a chicken physical therapist. Good grief.

The new barn is still awesome and we love clean and roomy and SPACIOUS! Max, Ollie, Blue and Lizzie are loving the pastures during the day and the nice big stalls at night. I have been looking at Lizzie and hoping she is not pregnant. She has a belly......I was told she did not take this year and yet...umm.....stranger things have happened. I have not seen her in heat.....even with these big handsome boys next door. She really does not have much interest in them. Hmmm. Worth checking I suppose. Brenda promises a beauty treatment for her this next week....her mane is long and her tail needs banging.

We have someone coming to look at Wally on Saturday and we hope it can be a new family for him! Keep your fingers crossed for him. He really is a lovely pony....flaxen mane and tail...liver chestnut with snowflake spots.

I had the night off from the main barn tonight...thank you are a Godsend....can we adopt you?! I walked my dog, did some home very nice to have an evening off.

Stories during the week which would break your heart and bend your mind. Things you and I will never understand or isn't just horses.....dogs too..cats.... I cannot write of it tonight....I need to get away from it. It makes me a jaded cynical mess some days.

On Saturday we will be at the Purdy Cenex for Customer Appreciation Days.......come see us and visit a while. We will finish our morning chores and be there around 11. It promises to be a great event. Cenex is always good to us!

We are starting to plan our for the announcement next week! If you have something you want to donate for us to auction...send me an email.......if you want to attend.......send me an email. We are interested in items that can be auctioned like lessons, articles of tack, garden items, tools, packages, does not have to be horse related!

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

The the opportunity as soon as it is offered....

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Trying to get this photo thing to work.......I need a zoom lens and my troubles would be over!

Grace and we left them today from visiting to take blankets!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Up my house in order and then to the barn....oops, someone has beat me to the barn.....Jamie! Bringing beet pulp and horse cookies! Thank you.
We had a full day of volunteers........I am very thankful.....we got so much chore list is almost non existant.

Thank you to Christine for helping to arrange this and for bringing food for everyone.....thank you to Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club members and Peninsula Equine clients......and my regular volunteers too. We got the washrack done, the arena picked, limbs and debris picked up from the paddocks, leaves blown, interior of stalls painted, stall fronts painted, a new wall put up in the pony shed, horses groomed, gravel spread on paddock number one and on the driveway to the new barn, electric fencing put up, gutters cleaned, this has gotten us so far ahead of where we were.......thank you! We met a lot of nice folks today........your generosity is very appreciated. I was glad to have folks in to see the horses and our facility, so you can see what we do. The washrack is going to be a real bonus for us.

I am tired as I am sure everyone else my blog is short tonight.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Pay it forward even if you only have a little to pay......your kindness will be rewarded.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fri fri Friday

LONG a lot accomplished....all my errands and then some!

This morning I was greeted by Mary V, who I had not seen in a long time. There she was like an paddocks! That's what I'm talking about....I show up and there is someone already cleaning? So nice to see you Mary, we missed you. Bronte soon followed and then Ryan. We cleaned and raked, fed grain, filled water troughs, laughed a little....found out Bronte is a champion tennis player and I am not.

Later Ryan and I went to Starbucks, the feed store, my sister's house, Lowes....and then back for chores. We worked until six thirty when I realized I should let Ryan go home and quit working. I could seriously work for 24 hours on a project. Susy and Sarah came to feed at the main barn, plus they picked paddocks in the upper I headed down to the other barn and fed there, put blankets on and shut the barn up. Ollie was quite fussy.....the no-seeums are out and he is easily irritated...kicks his belly and is quite I did the usual.....sprayed him down with gnat spray, coated his legs and sheath with Corona ointment....and then cleaned his sheath......yes, the gnats get THERE too....and he was more comfortable when I left. Anyone else might think he was colicky...but no...he is not.

Big day tomorrow....lots of folks coming out. We will work on the remainder of the washrack, clean gutters, move manure pile, gravel to spread, put some hogsfuel down , there is sand to spread....scrub horses and barn, pick paddocks.....paint, put fencing up......I have a big list somewhere......? The weather is supposed to be nice and I hope it will hold for most of the day.

The shoer comes tomorrow....Beaver and Max.....and we also send the shoer out to see Grace...time to change her shoes, plus we need to take her blanket to her. Always good to see the folks who have her and Silk...such a beautiful farm and nice folks.

The horses had a good day napping in the sun. I was sad to think that their days of sun naps are almost over until next year.

Winston tortured the chickens today....they were close to his paddock and he could just about reach them, so he made ugly faces, shook his head, tried to scare them and could barely reach their food.....but finally did reach it and ate the few crumbles of scratch they had. Such a pig.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

So much for your choice of delivery.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thoroughly wet Thursday

I was tricked this mind said "one more day of sun" and I promptly forgot about the weather forecast. I should have listened. Torrents of rain and it got cold.....and me with NO jacket. I was so cold that I even put on one of those jackets that had been sitting in the barn....but I vigorously shook it to avoid spiders. Creeps me out to think of one getting on me....eww.

Here it is Thursday already and tomorrow I have LOTS of work to do to get ready for the work party on Saturday. I have made my list and my morning will start early. Railroad ties, gravel.....paint, brushes, fencing.....the list goes on and on and on.

Pictures today from the farm......Tarbaby soaking his feet.....the chicken Bonnie with Miss Kitty....

I got a new laptop and I hate it so far. I loved my old one but the model is discontinued. I should have had it rebuilt I guess. Sometimes I hate change, sometimes I love it.

The Pony Up girls gave me the day off yesterday. What a treat! I did some normal, non horsey cooked dinner (macaroni and cheese with buttermilk and turkey bacon).......walked my dog a book...and felt guilty. Thank you ladies!

I am ordering sweatshirts.......Pony UP style.....if you want one.......raise your hands!.......Yep, they have to cost money......but will be sold at cost. Black sweatshirts, green lettering.......

We will have a big turnout on Saturday and I am hoping it doesn't rain, as I don't think we can all fit in the barn. No fun to work in cold rain. Anyway, we are excited and hope to get most of our winter prep done.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

You have been putting it off for too long.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twilight Tuesday

I am having a hard time getting up....fall does that to me. Biologically I must want to hibernate or something....when the time changes again, I will be fine,but right now I struggle to not be late in the mornings.I sleep better when it is cold...maybe everyone does...I don't know. It is now chilly when I get up and I have already drug about five jackets to the barn and of course, I take them off when I get too warm and then leave them in the barn.....when I return, I won't put them on again....why? One word...SPIDERS. Ewww! I hate spiders.

The drive to the barn in the morning is sure to bring a sighting of some sort of animal...this week I have seen a coyote and an owl. It is still fairly dark when I leave. The owl was perched on a wooden fence post and took flight as I drove by. I am fascinated with owls and so this was a treat for me.

The new mare is settled in and everyone loves her. She has a great disposition, loves the camera, loves the carrots.....we dewormed her and will let her just hang out for a few weeks to relax. I do not think she will be hard to adopt out....she is beautiful and easy to handle. We are calling her Lizzie. It suits her.

I can hear the news in the background and I hear that the Chilean miners are being lifted out of the mine...........what a relief....oh my gosh. I pray that everything goes well with the entire process. Thirty three men....a miracle.

We have a work party this weekend and an opportunity to get a lot of things finished at both farms. I am very appreciative of the generosity and efforts of my volunteers...I cannot thank you enough.

Anyone who has any room, the Kitsap Two need homes. Good permanent homes with a paddock, grass and some real care. These two horses have lived in hell for the last year and it breaks my heart. They were kept in a tiny shed day and night, never let out, starved, kept in complete darkness most of the time. There were also dogs locked in crates.....fur so matted that the dogs could not stand up...feces for beds. Remember the sweltering summer days we had this year and last year? These horses were locked in that tiny shed with no ventilation. The officers who finally freed them had to wear masks due to the smell and the heat. The woman who did this to them, has done it before.....same thing, locked horses in small stalls, then slowly starved... resulting in the death of four horses. Some had severe burns due to standing in manure up past their knees. This woman should have the book thrown at her and be placed in a mental institution. She has to be completely off her rocker. She was court ordered to not have any more animals....she should be in jail right now. Write to the Kitsap County Prosecutor and ask what is being done.

You and I must be the voices for the voiceless. You must take a stand when you see things that are not right....animals cannot call 911. You cannot depend on someone else to do something.....take pictures, make notes, get the animal control, call the sheriff, follow up with an civil, be polite, give information and keep calling until someone does something. Have other people call as well.....the more the merrier. Call the media....but do something.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Someone depends on a word from you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nina has named the new mare...Elizabeth

and so in short order, we have nicknamed her Lizzie.

Sunday and the weekend is over

Busy......busy as always.
Friday I ran errands all day.....paid hayman, picked up grain, went to the bank, cleaned at the barns, dog to vet.....the usual sort of stuff.
Saturday it rained but a group of us worked on some inside the barn chores.....and some outside but under cover chores...we got a lot done....the place looks great, if I do say so myself....and I do. We are fortunate to have Alex helping us out for a while as his senior project and between him and Ryan...a lot got done on the washrack and a couple of other construction type things.
This morning we went and got the new mare. She loaded eagerly and mannerly.....hauled just fine. A really nice mare. Thanks to everyone for helping her. She is at the new barn in quarantine for a while. I am not sure about the name yet.....we are letting Nina name her.

It was interesting to hear this morning about some other folks ragging on our small rescue.....and it was relayed that we keep horses in small corral panels in TINY turn outs. HUH? Well, first of all, I WISH I did own some corral panels...because I would build a round pen..but dang, those things are spendy...secondly, our paddocks are quite spacious as compared to some high rent boarding stables I have boarded at. The three attached to the barn are forty feet long and then open into an additional grass paddock. We have forty foot long paddocks so that the pasture in the bigger part of their paddocks can grow and so that we don't have a mud mire. Anyone who has visited knows this......and you are welcome to visit....and see for yourselves. I have never had corral panels..... funny how some people just make crap up, isn't it? I know who said it and all I can say figures. Pictures of our paddocks attached so that you can figure who tells the truth and who doesn't.

We have a work party next weekend......come join us and check out the non corral panels...or bring us some of them. There will be painting, horse grooming, paddock picking and other assorted chores....something for everyone.

The chickens continue to heal.....the bunnie has his own house now and we are actively seeking a new home for him. He loves spinach, and shredded carrots. He tolerates petting but doesn't like to be picked up. No kids please....they scare him.

The rain was relentless last night, but our paddocks drained flooding, no leaky roofs. The work pays off. Tomorrow we will get some sand and later in the week more gravel.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

You have to see for yourself....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whoa it's Wednesday

Pictures of the Pony Up synchronized eating team.......Max and Ollie.

People remark that some of the Pony Up horses don't look like rescues....well, we don't want them to look like rescues........we want them to look like they have been rescued....well fed and well loved.

The week is almost over, tomorrow is my Friday...and then, on the real Friday and the following Sunday...the chores continue. Put the new wall up on the pony shed, put some path lights in (so the bears don't get me and any volunteers who dare to feed after dark!) Build a wooden ladder inside the barn to get to the roof area, put some temporary fencing up to block off muddy areas, groom horses, put the top railings on the arena fencing, put the fencing up in the back pony paddock, GRAVEL a drive way, clean stall walls, .......prepare for winter......oh, a generator because I am sure the power will go out at some know it will happen.

Pony Up not only helps horses but Pony Up has been known to help folks in their community or particular persons in need. Last year we provided a wheelchair for a cancer victim who was no longer ambulatory. We did it quietly and we did it because it feels good to give back sometimes. Well, this year, we have a similar scenario. A person needs a new wheelchair. They are not asking for an electric one.....they are not asking for a brand new one.....a used manual one would be just fine. This person is in financial need and does not have a home of their own. We would like to raise funds for a regular wheelchair and a Thanksgiving dinner...or if you have a wheelchair you are not using....let us know? When you think of all the things that you and I are blessed with...this seems to be a very small request. If you want to help, please email me at

I show up at the new barn and the prisoners don't consider themselves prisoners....they, um , hardly recognize me. They are in the Horsey Hilton, where slaves bring them treats,turn them out for grass and offer them massages....they are not interested in "the warden" and so they RUN from me when it is time to come in. One of these is my OWN horse, who I have owned for 13 years...and yet, he does not even blink when I call him. I know where I rate.

It is already getting dark earlier and so we will put more lighting in and around the barn, chicken coop and driveway or else I will be cleaning with a headlamp like last year. We have these great miners lights but it is so much easier to turn on a switch, huh?

We have a Pony UP meeting this Saturday, at my house.........2pm....bring a treat and join us if you would like to help out with Pony Up activities. There are activities for everyone..believe me...everyone. Brenda...remember to ask for your tupperware?!

The chicken update is that both chickens were a little better today. The bunny is still ..well, not really friendly. We don't hold it against him....we named him Chavez.

I was asked three times today if we could take a horse. Guilt shows it's ugly head and shadows me. We have room for another horse but no finances.....not enough help during the week. I cannot physically care for another unless I quit my job and if I quit my job......well, then we can't support anyone...and none of the horse care is cheap. Hay is expected to go up and grain never came back down to earth prices after it skyrocketed. I need help with fundraising and advertising...just not enough time in the day for me. That being said, we will have a fundraiser in the beginning of November and we will be looking for donated auction items. All donated items are tax deductible and our attendees love variety!

Congratulations Beth on your beautiful baby girl......we are so happy for you and Mark. I can hardly wait to see her!

Off for a few more chores.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Trust is a matter of conscience, isn't it?

Monday, October 4, 2010 says "RESCUE" on the building?!

Umm....we have a bunny at Pony Up.
I know nothing about rabbits.....nada...zilch...and yet we,, umm..seem to have a rabbit. Oh boy. Well he is furry and cute and did I mention angry? I can hardly blame him....tortured by children, scared to be handled because it might hurt him...and he has no trust for anyone at this point. He spent the day in the chicken is roomy and has fir shavings and a place for him to hide. We haven't named him yet...and I suppose "he" may very well be a "she"...I really haven't looked. If you have a nice home for a rabbit and some experience, let's talk. I am thinking about the name Wascal E. Rabbit.

I am still running a chicken triage clinic....both chickens have improved. Both are now eating without being force fed (thank God)...they will need several more days of hospice care before going back out with the flock.

The new barn is wonderful. I want to live there. There was an orange kitty visiting the barn today..but he/she wouldn't make friends with me. There is a beautiful sunset view and lots of crickets out tonight. Peaceful...very peaceful.

The pastures dried out again......but rain is on the way, so I hear. We have the paddocks cut off so that they can grow grass and not turn into mud pits....this means the horses make do with smaller paddocks and turnout on the weekends...except the guys living at the new barn (The Equine Ritz)

I was cold all day and today I wore a jacket most of the day. Summer is gone for sure. Hard to think of ice and snow and early dark days...but fun to think of Thanksgiving and holidays.

We hear that Grace has settled in and is roaming the property with her boyfriend Silk. Good news. We miss the old girl.

Jones had a visitor yesterday......nice to meet you Carol......we hope you will come back again.

It is raining horses out there....if you are looking I can hook you up......and if you want a small pony who does not work, call me... :) Beaver and Wally broke out last night and are lucky they did not get their butts kicked by much bigger horses. I say that mares = drama...but ponies = anxiety.

Blue is getting regular groomings by Nina, who lives at the new barn. He doesn't know what to think...he is sort of happy, I think. Bless you Nina for fussing over him.

Off to do come chores...then to bed. Long day.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Do something for someone else today.......and do it quietly.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday morning

Yesterday a group of us worked hard, got a lot done.....a very good day. Ollie and Max got to graze in the big GRASS pasture.......Blue got to graze a little...he is watching his Rubenesque figure. We watched them while we worked and they played and ate.
Thank you to Caryn, Briann, Alex, Ryan, Susie, Sarah and Jan. I couldn't do it without you.
We got hay yesterday at the new barn and we got hay last Thursday at the old barn....but we still need to get more to get us through winter. The machines never stop....eating and pooping.......a full time job.

This morning I cleaned the old Pony Up barn and paddocks by was quiet and peaceful...lots of birds coming and going..I fed the crows some stale donuts and watched them fight over them. Winston and Church played along the fence line like wild mustangs and churned the earth up as they galloped and bucked. Exercise is good for them. The weather is a little brisk this morning.....perfect weather for a hard gallop.

The chicken triage center is coming along.....the badly beat up hen is doing pretty well considering she is missing half her feathers...but her wounds look pretty good. I guess the SMZ's did not kill her and the furacin seems to have been okay on the wounds. The other chicken drank and I force fed her again, she is alert...but unable to stand on her own.

Today I have to run some chores again......grain, get ready for the week. We need a couple of new stall forks as we have broken a few and actually they have lasted much longer than usual...but winter is hard on the forks when they are used in mud and it will happen....I get out there and just have to lift around 30 lbs of mud/manure and CrACK...the fork breaks.

A lot got done on our chore list yesterday.......a new light fixture in each of the barns......more light in one and less energy consumption in the other. Keep the power bill low but keep adequate light for tasks.
We still need gravel for paddocks and for the driveway.....we need sand too for the arena.....the arena is draining well when it rains, but sand will help us make it rideable.....we will put another light on the old Pony Up barn to face the outside paddocks and some path lights in the back. It will be dark soon and remember we have bears.....I want to be able to see them before they see me!

There will be a Pony Up meeting next Saturday afternoon....we will discuss fundraising, advertising, and form some committees ......if you want to help, please and snacks will be provided. If there is something you are good at..let us know....we probably need it!

This week has been on overload for folks wanting us to take their horses. I wish I could take every one...but money limits us, then space, then always makes me sad to say no....but I do make a waiting list in case we have an opening.
This is just the beginning, I know it will get worse...probably much worse.

Better get going on the chores before the day gets away from me.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Nothing ventured.....nothing gained......go for it.

Friday, October 1, 2010


It is my sleep in day....but nope..I don't sleep in, the dogs just don't get the concept. I get up, let them out, make coffee, eat toast, read email....think about laying down again.....yawn, stretch..lay down and I am unconcious for 45 minutes. I sleep like I could sleep for another eight hours and then bolt from the bed when I realize that I need to get down to the barn. Shower, dry my hair......and grab more coffee and off I go.

I am running a chicken triage center. One of my hens was attacked by my mom's dog and the other one attacked by something in the pasture. Oh boy. I know nothing about doctoring chickens or cleaning their wounds. It seem logical to give them watered down SMZ's and spray wounds with Furacin. What have I got to lose? One chicken cannot stand up very well and I must carry her to the water.....she drinks and then I force feed her. Okay...I know I should know...but I can't..I won't. I will give her a chance for the rest of the weekend. The other eats on her own and drinks. We will see. I read on the internet you can give them aspirin for pain and so we will see how it works. Poor chickens.

I clean for three hours at the original Pony Up barn....scrape paddocks, scrub water tubs, clean up hay....the usual Friday chores........then head down to the new barn and start in there. Stalls and paddocks are already clean so I tend to other stuff, and I let the big boys out on the pasture......yee haw......they were thrilled. I wish I had all the horses out on such a glorious pasture. They were so happy. I left them out while I did chores....Brenda came down and gave me a hand....then I went to the garbage dump, stopped and got a Starbucks drink....went back and did some more....then went home, cleaned up...tried to take a nap......but the brain wouldn't stop......more to do....went back and fed at both barns, burned some feed sacks....practiced my nursing skills on the chickens again...locked the cat up........headed home.....long day...I am tired,achy...ready for a hot bath I think.

More work tomorrow, with my volunteers...the chore list doesn't seem to stop does it?

Move the rest of the manure pile.....
move hay
clean paddocks,
scrub walls
clean loft
move remmants of burn pile
groom horses
bleach buckets
take blankets to cleaners
use blower on barn paddocks.
fencing repairs
gravel on driveway to new barn

oh boy.

We are fortunate to have a nice barn to use....I am still so happy.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Wish you may, wish you might.......catch a falling star tonight.