Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thoroughly wet Thursday

I was tricked this mind said "one more day of sun" and I promptly forgot about the weather forecast. I should have listened. Torrents of rain and it got cold.....and me with NO jacket. I was so cold that I even put on one of those jackets that had been sitting in the barn....but I vigorously shook it to avoid spiders. Creeps me out to think of one getting on me....eww.

Here it is Thursday already and tomorrow I have LOTS of work to do to get ready for the work party on Saturday. I have made my list and my morning will start early. Railroad ties, gravel.....paint, brushes, fencing.....the list goes on and on and on.

Pictures today from the farm......Tarbaby soaking his feet.....the chicken Bonnie with Miss Kitty....

I got a new laptop and I hate it so far. I loved my old one but the model is discontinued. I should have had it rebuilt I guess. Sometimes I hate change, sometimes I love it.

The Pony Up girls gave me the day off yesterday. What a treat! I did some normal, non horsey cooked dinner (macaroni and cheese with buttermilk and turkey bacon).......walked my dog a book...and felt guilty. Thank you ladies!

I am ordering sweatshirts.......Pony UP style.....if you want one.......raise your hands!.......Yep, they have to cost money......but will be sold at cost. Black sweatshirts, green lettering.......

We will have a big turnout on Saturday and I am hoping it doesn't rain, as I don't think we can all fit in the barn. No fun to work in cold rain. Anyway, we are excited and hope to get most of our winter prep done.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

You have been putting it off for too long.

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Journey's Mom said...

Love the photos! Just gotta love those barn animals, lol! You never know what they will do!