Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soaked on Sunday

It rained buckets last woke me from sleep and I listened to it for a while, had some anxiety about whether all of our prepping for winter would be okay or did we miss something.
Although it is my sleep in day, I got up early...let dogs out, made coffee......ate soybeans.....and then went to the barn. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were NO floods...stall floors were dry and all blankets were still on. The barn roof has one small leak and it is around the drips just a little. Something to fix this week.

I finally blanketed everyone yesterday. I have been blanketing Tarbaby, the old guy for the last couple of weeks at night. It is funny that you cannot remember who wore what last year........okay, I can't...maybe you can. I really only remembered that Winston wore the HUGE purple blanket.....and Max came with a Horses in Black blanket. Imagine my surprise when the HIB blanket would not begin to fit Max. ...and it is now being worn by Jones. Louie had to take the size 86 blanket, while Lizzie wore the 82. Where did all the small horses go? Ah, well we have Blue who is as wide as he is tall......but he hates a does Beaver, and as I am a fast learner....Beaver never wears a blanket because the blanket is immediately destroyed...not just taken off, but destroyed...and since he has hair like a Tibetan Yak, I don't worry about him.

Bonnie the chicken is still about the same..physical therapy twice a day..I put a dirt box in the chicken coop so she can eat small pebbles, like she would do in the outside world.....and so she can also take a dust bath. She did both yesterday. She loves to share the canned cat food in the morning with the cat.....and I am not telling her it is chicken.

We had visitors yesterday..a new volunteer and someone who is interested in Wally. Caryn and I were also at Cenex yesterday and handed out flyers and Halloween candy......we had lots of interest in Wally.

Thank you Nicky M for your donation and also thank you Erin for the grain you donated.......we appreciate all you do for us. Nicky, we hope to see you again soon.
Also thanks to Susy P for the work on our behalf and the stall pellets. This is the time of the year that we use a gazillion pellets.....Thank you to Strohs for the donation of the fly sheet and hood.

I was chastised by Chippy this morning because he was out of sunflower seeds. He scolded me right up until I filled his dish.

The sky is dark and threatening......promises to rain all day and apparently we are supposed to get wind too. Great. Although I really do love the wind.

Images of fall and of course, the squirrel....

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:\

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Helen said...

Wonderful photo of the squirrel! Helen