Saturday, October 16, 2010


Up my house in order and then to the barn....oops, someone has beat me to the barn.....Jamie! Bringing beet pulp and horse cookies! Thank you.
We had a full day of volunteers........I am very thankful.....we got so much chore list is almost non existant.

Thank you to Christine for helping to arrange this and for bringing food for everyone.....thank you to Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club members and Peninsula Equine clients......and my regular volunteers too. We got the washrack done, the arena picked, limbs and debris picked up from the paddocks, leaves blown, interior of stalls painted, stall fronts painted, a new wall put up in the pony shed, horses groomed, gravel spread on paddock number one and on the driveway to the new barn, electric fencing put up, gutters cleaned, this has gotten us so far ahead of where we were.......thank you! We met a lot of nice folks today........your generosity is very appreciated. I was glad to have folks in to see the horses and our facility, so you can see what we do. The washrack is going to be a real bonus for us.

I am tired as I am sure everyone else my blog is short tonight.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Pay it forward even if you only have a little to pay......your kindness will be rewarded.

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