Friday, October 15, 2010

Fri fri Friday

LONG a lot accomplished....all my errands and then some!

This morning I was greeted by Mary V, who I had not seen in a long time. There she was like an paddocks! That's what I'm talking about....I show up and there is someone already cleaning? So nice to see you Mary, we missed you. Bronte soon followed and then Ryan. We cleaned and raked, fed grain, filled water troughs, laughed a little....found out Bronte is a champion tennis player and I am not.

Later Ryan and I went to Starbucks, the feed store, my sister's house, Lowes....and then back for chores. We worked until six thirty when I realized I should let Ryan go home and quit working. I could seriously work for 24 hours on a project. Susy and Sarah came to feed at the main barn, plus they picked paddocks in the upper I headed down to the other barn and fed there, put blankets on and shut the barn up. Ollie was quite fussy.....the no-seeums are out and he is easily irritated...kicks his belly and is quite I did the usual.....sprayed him down with gnat spray, coated his legs and sheath with Corona ointment....and then cleaned his sheath......yes, the gnats get THERE too....and he was more comfortable when I left. Anyone else might think he was colicky...but no...he is not.

Big day tomorrow....lots of folks coming out. We will work on the remainder of the washrack, clean gutters, move manure pile, gravel to spread, put some hogsfuel down , there is sand to spread....scrub horses and barn, pick paddocks.....paint, put fencing up......I have a big list somewhere......? The weather is supposed to be nice and I hope it will hold for most of the day.

The shoer comes tomorrow....Beaver and Max.....and we also send the shoer out to see Grace...time to change her shoes, plus we need to take her blanket to her. Always good to see the folks who have her and Silk...such a beautiful farm and nice folks.

The horses had a good day napping in the sun. I was sad to think that their days of sun naps are almost over until next year.

Winston tortured the chickens today....they were close to his paddock and he could just about reach them, so he made ugly faces, shook his head, tried to scare them and could barely reach their food.....but finally did reach it and ate the few crumbles of scratch they had. Such a pig.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

So much for your choice of delivery.

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