Monday, October 4, 2010 says "RESCUE" on the building?!

Umm....we have a bunny at Pony Up.
I know nothing about rabbits.....nada...zilch...and yet we,, umm..seem to have a rabbit. Oh boy. Well he is furry and cute and did I mention angry? I can hardly blame him....tortured by children, scared to be handled because it might hurt him...and he has no trust for anyone at this point. He spent the day in the chicken is roomy and has fir shavings and a place for him to hide. We haven't named him yet...and I suppose "he" may very well be a "she"...I really haven't looked. If you have a nice home for a rabbit and some experience, let's talk. I am thinking about the name Wascal E. Rabbit.

I am still running a chicken triage clinic....both chickens have improved. Both are now eating without being force fed (thank God)...they will need several more days of hospice care before going back out with the flock.

The new barn is wonderful. I want to live there. There was an orange kitty visiting the barn today..but he/she wouldn't make friends with me. There is a beautiful sunset view and lots of crickets out tonight. Peaceful...very peaceful.

The pastures dried out again......but rain is on the way, so I hear. We have the paddocks cut off so that they can grow grass and not turn into mud pits....this means the horses make do with smaller paddocks and turnout on the weekends...except the guys living at the new barn (The Equine Ritz)

I was cold all day and today I wore a jacket most of the day. Summer is gone for sure. Hard to think of ice and snow and early dark days...but fun to think of Thanksgiving and holidays.

We hear that Grace has settled in and is roaming the property with her boyfriend Silk. Good news. We miss the old girl.

Jones had a visitor yesterday......nice to meet you Carol......we hope you will come back again.

It is raining horses out there....if you are looking I can hook you up......and if you want a small pony who does not work, call me... :) Beaver and Wally broke out last night and are lucky they did not get their butts kicked by much bigger horses. I say that mares = drama...but ponies = anxiety.

Blue is getting regular groomings by Nina, who lives at the new barn. He doesn't know what to think...he is sort of happy, I think. Bless you Nina for fussing over him.

Off to do come chores...then to bed. Long day.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Do something for someone else today.......and do it quietly.

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