Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whoa it's Wednesday

Pictures of the Pony Up synchronized eating team.......Max and Ollie.

People remark that some of the Pony Up horses don't look like rescues....well, we don't want them to look like rescues........we want them to look like they have been rescued....well fed and well loved.

The week is almost over, tomorrow is my Friday...and then, on the real Friday and the following Sunday...the chores continue. Put the new wall up on the pony shed, put some path lights in (so the bears don't get me and any volunteers who dare to feed after dark!) Build a wooden ladder inside the barn to get to the roof area, put some temporary fencing up to block off muddy areas, groom horses, put the top railings on the arena fencing, put the fencing up in the back pony paddock, GRAVEL a drive way, clean stall walls, .......prepare for winter......oh, a generator because I am sure the power will go out at some know it will happen.

Pony Up not only helps horses but Pony Up has been known to help folks in their community or particular persons in need. Last year we provided a wheelchair for a cancer victim who was no longer ambulatory. We did it quietly and we did it because it feels good to give back sometimes. Well, this year, we have a similar scenario. A person needs a new wheelchair. They are not asking for an electric one.....they are not asking for a brand new one.....a used manual one would be just fine. This person is in financial need and does not have a home of their own. We would like to raise funds for a regular wheelchair and a Thanksgiving dinner...or if you have a wheelchair you are not using....let us know? When you think of all the things that you and I are blessed with...this seems to be a very small request. If you want to help, please email me at

I show up at the new barn and the prisoners don't consider themselves prisoners....they, um , hardly recognize me. They are in the Horsey Hilton, where slaves bring them treats,turn them out for grass and offer them massages....they are not interested in "the warden" and so they RUN from me when it is time to come in. One of these is my OWN horse, who I have owned for 13 years...and yet, he does not even blink when I call him. I know where I rate.

It is already getting dark earlier and so we will put more lighting in and around the barn, chicken coop and driveway or else I will be cleaning with a headlamp like last year. We have these great miners lights but it is so much easier to turn on a switch, huh?

We have a Pony UP meeting this Saturday, at my house.........2pm....bring a treat and join us if you would like to help out with Pony Up activities. There are activities for everyone..believe me...everyone. Brenda...remember to ask for your tupperware?!

The chicken update is that both chickens were a little better today. The bunny is still ..well, not really friendly. We don't hold it against him....we named him Chavez.

I was asked three times today if we could take a horse. Guilt shows it's ugly head and shadows me. We have room for another horse but no finances.....not enough help during the week. I cannot physically care for another unless I quit my job and if I quit my job......well, then we can't support anyone...and none of the horse care is cheap. Hay is expected to go up and grain never came back down to earth prices after it skyrocketed. I need help with fundraising and advertising...just not enough time in the day for me. That being said, we will have a fundraiser in the beginning of November and we will be looking for donated auction items. All donated items are tax deductible and our attendees love variety!

Congratulations Beth on your beautiful baby girl......we are so happy for you and Mark. I can hardly wait to see her!

Off for a few more chores.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Trust is a matter of conscience, isn't it?

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loohire said...

I rent out temporary fencing here in the UK. I read your post and find it amazing that someone can work in a place where bears are a danger! The only wildlife we have here are a few stray cats. You're doing a fine job, keep it up and good luck for the future. Regards Chris PS if you notice my avatar, it is a picture of our portable toilets at Chatsworth International Horse Trials; a great day out if ever you come over.