Friday, October 1, 2010


It is my sleep in day....but nope..I don't sleep in, the dogs just don't get the concept. I get up, let them out, make coffee, eat toast, read email....think about laying down again.....yawn, stretch..lay down and I am unconcious for 45 minutes. I sleep like I could sleep for another eight hours and then bolt from the bed when I realize that I need to get down to the barn. Shower, dry my hair......and grab more coffee and off I go.

I am running a chicken triage center. One of my hens was attacked by my mom's dog and the other one attacked by something in the pasture. Oh boy. I know nothing about doctoring chickens or cleaning their wounds. It seem logical to give them watered down SMZ's and spray wounds with Furacin. What have I got to lose? One chicken cannot stand up very well and I must carry her to the water.....she drinks and then I force feed her. Okay...I know I should know...but I can't..I won't. I will give her a chance for the rest of the weekend. The other eats on her own and drinks. We will see. I read on the internet you can give them aspirin for pain and so we will see how it works. Poor chickens.

I clean for three hours at the original Pony Up barn....scrape paddocks, scrub water tubs, clean up hay....the usual Friday chores........then head down to the new barn and start in there. Stalls and paddocks are already clean so I tend to other stuff, and I let the big boys out on the pasture......yee haw......they were thrilled. I wish I had all the horses out on such a glorious pasture. They were so happy. I left them out while I did chores....Brenda came down and gave me a hand....then I went to the garbage dump, stopped and got a Starbucks drink....went back and did some more....then went home, cleaned up...tried to take a nap......but the brain wouldn't stop......more to do....went back and fed at both barns, burned some feed sacks....practiced my nursing skills on the chickens again...locked the cat up........headed home.....long day...I am tired,achy...ready for a hot bath I think.

More work tomorrow, with my volunteers...the chore list doesn't seem to stop does it?

Move the rest of the manure pile.....
move hay
clean paddocks,
scrub walls
clean loft
move remmants of burn pile
groom horses
bleach buckets
take blankets to cleaners
use blower on barn paddocks.
fencing repairs
gravel on driveway to new barn

oh boy.

We are fortunate to have a nice barn to use....I am still so happy.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Wish you may, wish you might.......catch a falling star tonight.

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