Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday, can you say HUMID?

If I shut my eyes, I could have sworn I was in Florida. Humidity......you curly haired folks know what I am talking about, don't you? My hair turns into RoseAnne Roseanna Danna hair...there is no controlling it...no amount of hair gel, hair spray or conditioner is going to make a difference.....it is why I cannot live in Florida...well, just one of the reasons.

It is almost Wednesday already......so far so good. The new barn is fabulous......horses have not broken anything yet, although they started a benign escape attempt and they were pretty seriously eyeing the garden. Hot wire will fix them come this weekend. Max of course is displaying his worst barn manners.....banging on the door at feed time so hard that you think the barn might come down...he gets his window shut for such behavior.

We have ordered hay...five ton. We now have better storage......yay!

I brought Winston home this last weekend.......he is in the Noble shelter, which is a bit too small for his large frame. He came home quietly..loaded right up, hauled quietly, I suspected he was sick or something. It didn't take long for him to come alive. He was back to his old self, bucking, kicking and rushing his gate by this afternoon. He is an equine psychopath when it is dinner time. No volunteers in his paddock....safety first.

The weather is supposed to be nice on Thursday and Friday. We will take what we can get......lots of chores to do now. Gravel.....gravel.......gravel........my mantra.
Also we will clean and do some maintenance at the new barn.....clean the hay loft and wash the woodwork on the stall fronts, scrub the bird dudups off the cement, fix some overhead light fixtures, cut some brambles back and fix the electric fence to keep a better perimeter on the prisoners. We will get a dump run in there sometime this weekend too...from both farms. We also plan to haul the lawn tractor down with the dump trailer for manure and hogsfuel. Such a big weekend planned!

Susie and Sarah, thank you for the grass seed and the feed tubs, apples and brushes......what a nice surprise! We will put the grass seed right to work on the resting paddocks at the farm.

I am listening to my Bull Terrier (Georgia) tear her crate up...she is chasing a toy that she stole from the Jack Russells and it sounds like an ape is on the loose. I hope she stops soon and this won't be an all night party.

Blue is getting a lot of attention and coming out of his shell. He seems so much happier.....even my volunteers remarked.
He needs a lot of positive interaction and treats....

Jones is eating well and starting to put some weight on now that his teeth are better and he has been dewormed. He has excellent stall manners.

Okay...Bull Terrier is barking........the crate is probably destroyed....gotta go.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Just out of reach but well worth the stretch.

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