Monday, September 20, 2010

Move over Monday

What a day...

I spent a great deal of time agonizing over foster homes for horses...worrying about mud and how we will spend the winter with a crowd of horses.
Someone looks after me that is for sure, because today we have good news.

We start off with........Grace is adopted! If you recall, Grace fell in love with the visiting Silk this summer and they were inseparable....then Silk went home and Grace was very sad. Today Silk's family sent for Grace, as Silk's longtime companion Lorie Ann passed away. We are sad for their loss ....and glad that Grace can go and help Silk get over his own loss. Rest in peace Lorie Ann. Thank you Hannah and Sandy for inviting Grace to live with you will fall in love with her.

Our really good news is that a family down the steet has offered us their barn to use for two is close to my house and has nice stalls and a large paddock. YAY!!!!!!!! Just what we wanted. My sanity is saved for the immediate future.

I am blessed to have good friends and kind supporters of our rescue. Thank you.

My computer crashed......I am borrowing one......I may be out of sync for a while...bear with me.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Push it to the limit.

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Journey's Mom said...

Bless You! Thanks for all you do for our equine friends! Much Love!