Sunday, September 26, 2010

Soooooooooooo Sunday

Long weekend, long day.......we got so much done and now I am tired.

Great things happened this weekend.
We finished the washrack roof, we got horses moved to dryer land at the stable down the road, we met some wonderful new friends, we got paddocks cleaned and I brought Winston home. We still have more work to do and some maintenance things at both barns, but it is quite do-able and we will have most of it done next weekend.

It was interesting to move Ollie after a couple of years....he hates the trailer, but he got right in and then began weaving......and sweating and we jumped in the truck and took off. He unloaded and was thrilled to walk into a nice big barn. We also took Blue and far so good.

We need hay at both barns...waiting for the hay man to call and say he is ready to deliver it. We have great hay storage at the new barn, so we can order about five ton and not worry about it for a while. We put containers at the new barn for grain, beet pulp, rice bran and alfalfa pellets. I feel sort of settled. The horses are great......very happy for big stalls, nice turnouts.......treats and attention. We are blessed to have this opportunity....I hope we can be of benefit to these gracious folks too. Brenda........thank you for facilitating this!

It is getting darker earlier.......I hate this part...and of course today, Sunday, it rained all day........but yesterday, Saturday, it was beautiful.....lovely weather for us to work on projects. Thank you Alex, Susie, Briann, Ryan, Jan.....and Caryn.....what a group!

It is the time of year to promote the "For Jake's Sake" fund. Jake, as some of you know was a severely starved horse that we took in last year and ultimately we were unable to save. This fund helps us to offer immediate care to a horse in need, and give him or her the medical care and nutrients he or she needs. Rehab is expensive and sometimes we have big hearts but small pockets for such endeavors. The "For Jake's Sake Fund" helps us to be prepared. See our website for our paypal donation button. If you cannot make a donation at this time, please spread the word to others. Donations are critical to our success....we can't do it without you.

Friday Jones will have a lady come and look at him for adoption....keep your fingers crossed that this nice boy can get a forever home...with good food and a safe place to live. He has been passed around from not so nice home to a so so home and back is time he won the lotto.

Blue is quite happy and for the first time, he interacts with us.......he sticks his head through the stall window and nickers softly......he allows pets and he takes treats. Heart melting....really. This is a boy who would not even make eye contact with us, he winced when we touched him, shrank back from reaching hands......and now he is actively seeking out human attention. Nina,...keep up the good work...he likes you.

I came home and cleaned the dog kennel.....scrubbed and washed....washed bowls...fed dogs......then relaxed a while. I have laundry to do, dishes and I must go and lock my dear chickens in the coop.....then off to bed and I should sleep like a log (I hope)

enjoy your week.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

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