Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday already

I am behind in my blogging from out of town visiting, work and did I tell you it was RAINING? Raining hard? There will be mud tomorrow and mud means work. Ugh.
I really was hoping we would get at least a couple of weeks of okay weather before WINTER started...but it really has been one of THOSE years with the weather. I hope it doesn't mean a lot of ice and snow a little later.

Jones is still at the Jones Farm.....getting a little work and a dental. I will pick him up on Saturday to come home to Pony Up. He is a nice hint on the tattoo as of yet.

Grace is much better and hobbling around just like a 25 year old bat should.....and eating like a house on fire. We love her. I really need a video of her vacuuming her grain tub. Maybe a great commercial for Purina? Perhaps Grace can be a TV commercial actress?

Thank you Jaime...we got the coupon and Grace's horse cookies in the mail today. She will love them in the morning with her mush. The cookies are so good......I even ate one.

I have a million projects to complete this weekend. I need a couple more of me and a couple more volunteers. I must have drug my feet on this weather thing....I am behind schedule.

Our sincere sympathy to Kimberly on the loss of her little gelding. He had such great home with you and wonderful care.....we are so sorry for your loss. The little guy was well loved that is for sure.

Thank you to Annie V for the horse blankets and the saddle pad. It is time to get all blankets washed and waterproofed. We have to see who fits into what.

We are going to re-do the cat room for the seems the barn cat is sharing her room with .....ummm.......rats. Yes....I said rats....right under her sleeping box. Very embarrassing...for the cat especially.

We are full at Pony Up and not accepting any more horses at this time. I am boarding my own horse and would like to bring him home...but we need another stall...we need another paddock.......we need a bigger farm. We need to win the lotto.

Termites in my mom's house.....we need to call the exterminator. They suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I hate does she....and I really hate hearing about them LOL>

I can hear the rain from here....pelting the roof of our house with sudden force and then just as quickly stopping to an eerie silence. The sounds of fall. I should be carving a pumpkin and drinking cider I guess.

A really big thank you to Caryn for all the help this week. You are such a help......we love you. Good luck at show them how it is done!

Beth.....did you have that baby yet? We are all waiting to hear from you.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Consider the options and then plan for it.

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