Thursday, September 9, 2010

Twilight Thursday

Blustery day.....I go to the barn from work and there is a riot going on in the paddocks. Even old Tarbaby is rearing, kicking up his heels.....bucking, farting....and running his small paddock. Grace tries her best to hobble in and out of the stall to see what the excitement is. Ollie and Max are doing laps in the arena. We have a very slight wind, cool air and I suspect the weather has got the best of them. They calm down fast enough when I get the hay by one, they calm down and begin munching...Grace holds out for her mush.
We already have mud....and it seems like we just got rid of it. No fair. I should move to Arizona and feel some sand in my shoes...honestly.

The work week is was a short one due to the holiday. Kids back in school....fall sales are blankets are sent in for repair and washing. Time to order more hay....I forget I am feeding pigs......LOL.

Errands to run tomorrow, feed store, bank, grocery never ends. Oh and Costco too. I love Costco.....but you cannot go in there without spending 200 dollars.....seriously.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

It is where the wind will take you.

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