Saturday, September 18, 2010

So Saturday

It rained buckets last night....and finally stopped early this morning. Thoughts of mud plague me. Ugh.
I have a million things to do today. Hay, run to Maple Valley and collect Mr. Jones to bring him home, company coming in the afternoon, I need to go to the feed store and I want to see Caryn ride at Championships. How to get it all done in one day? Hmm...I am still thinking about it.

We are in desperate need of a foster home for one horse...or we will have very muddy paddocks and I might go crazy.(crazier). Available foster horses....Mr. Jones, Blue, Wally the pony, Church or Grace) Please pass the word.....we want them to have a dry stall and a paddock. Church does not get along well with others...Grace is no shared paddocks.

Mr. Jones will come home today. He has been at the Jones farm for evaluation and a dental. The vet said he has the worst teeth he has ever seen and his mouth was a mess. He will be more comfortable in the bit and will be able to eat better now. Mr. Jones is rideable, has nice ground manners and will make a nice horse for someone. Handsome too! About 17H, dark bay. Not for a beginner rider but not a nutcase either. He is in his mid teens. Email me if you are interested.

Well, I am off to the races. Enjoy your day.
Briann you are coming with me lucky girl!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Jump in.....the water is fine.

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