Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday we have rain...just like winter.

Raining......cold.....I am tossing around the idea of blankets. Max always gets cold early in the year. He is a 1500 lb wussy. The ground is hard with a small inch of mud...very slippery and I almost fell this morning. Good thing I don't have four legs.
We have not identified Jones yet...still working on it. Thanks for the suggestions.

I have the day off in town and errands to run. I am just getting going after a lazy morning of cleaning paddocks and stalls.
Grace is about the same this morning...kind of teetering around...but good appetite...she would eat mush all day if I let her.

I will buy stall pellets today.....didn't I say it was way too early for that? Grace needs them for sure because she is a stall princess when the weather is wet. That is okay with me...but she does make a mess. She is still in heat and peeing LOADS. Mares...

Puyallup fair pretty soon...I can hardly wait. I go every year..always fun.

The bear has not been seen for a couple of days...good news. I am not really afraid for the horses...but she does have three cubs and I don't want her to feel threatened by any of us or to get aggressive around the bird feeders. I didn't know they loved bird seed? weird.

Well.....I am, post office, feed see Winston....get some Starbucks......enjoy your day.

Pony Up fortune for today.

Grin and bear it.

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