Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today we have lots to do......we move some horses to their new "home" away from our barn. I finally picked three to go......but may change my mind as the morning progresses.
We cleaned on the barn yesterday, checked fences and wow..........are these three horses going to be happy! We are so grateful. Thank you Nina, thank you Brenda for all the work you did yesterday. You are both lifesavers. I will send pictures later.

We will also finish the washrack today......finally.......and then order hay again.

I will also go to Fox Island and take Grace a blanket. It will be a beautiful day at Fox Island.

The farm truck is ailing and I am sure I am looking at a 1500 dollar fix. Four wheel drive, electrical problem...but we have to have a no escaping the fix.

We will also do some tractor work today and move manure piles again. The manure piles are filling in the bulldozed spot nicely........but we still need some bulky fill......but hey, it was a great way to get rid of the manure pile. The machines never stop, as I always say.

Beaver is back on his pony diet. He has to eat timothy pellets when the weather starts to change or he gets very sick. No alfalfa and no orchard grass. The orchard grass gives him diarrhea.......alfalfa heats his feet up.......some hay makes him cough. Fortunately he loves timothy pellets, mixed with some sunflower seeds and some beet pulp to make it interesting....he eats like a pig and he already feels better. Last year he got very sick until we realized it was the orchard grass. Probably too much nitrogen fertilizer. He sweated, he had diarrhea, a cough, a huge belly and was lethargic. Right now he is his Dennis the Menace self.....he was able to grab the chicken food sack and drag it into his stall. He now has a stall being as Grace left and he thinks he is ALL that.

off to the barn, enjoy your sunny day.

Pony UP fortune for today.

It is not all that it have to dig deeper.

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