Saturday, September 4, 2010 really is fall

Long week.....lots of work....ponies escaping....putting up roadblocks for escaping mom was in the hospital again....and company coming. How to get it all done? Those winter chores seem to have an immediate need to be completed.

Wally, the pony has escaped four times in three days. He doesn't care if you have hot wire up.....he wants more food....this diet stuff is not for him. He broke into Beaver's paddock.....a fight ensued....Wally got the upper hoof....unbelievable...but true. I have NEVER seen that happen before.

This morning....I get up early to let dogs out.....then I can't go back to I get up, do laundry, make coffee....take shower and go to barn. Turn music on is the sixties station...some sick tunes...some good ones....I get to work.
I notice that Grace is not moving very well. She seems to have some pain in her hind legs. Hmmm. She is not very steady on her feet. I feed her grain and give her a once wounds, no swelling....seems to be in her hips. No dirt she didn't fall down. She has visitors coming to see her this morning, so I am hoping she can get moving better.
My volunteers start arriving.....Ryan, Susie, Sarah.. and then our visitors, Jaime and her mother...a special trip to see Grace. They bring a bunch of food and of course, treats for Grace....Grace is glad to see them and THE TREATS. They spend a lot of time grooming her and feeding her treats...which she loves. We give her some bute for the pain she is having. She is such a good girl. I hate to think of losing her.
We load Noah up and take him to his new opportunity. His new opportunity is to be a pony club eventing horse for some deserving youngster. We will see how his training goes. A trainer has offered to take him and give him some training..and then rehome him to a deserving kid. He is a great little horse...very friendly. We love him...but this is for the best. He gets a new career. Pretty lucky for a horse destined for slaughter...huh? It is always hard to say goodbye...none the less.

I come back and we work on fencing the two devil ponies in. A new gate, a new section of non climb and I think we have the problem licked. I guess we will see what tonight brings. After dark anything can and will happen. I find horses in the brush some early has to stop before I have a heart attack.

The chore list grows even as we whittle it down some. The barn roof needs to be pressure washed...a half wall needs to be put on one loafing shed....we need another wall to block wind and weather on the pony shed..we still need sand for the arena...we will finish the washrack this week......and we are still in the planning stages for the new building shed that we will call our office/tack room. We still have a stretch of fence to put up...some brush to clear and some fill dirt that is needed.

I will post pictures of Grace and her friend Jaime.....a little later. Jaime loves Grace and has been supporting her with supplements to keep her weight up and her coat in show condition. Bless you Jaime for loving an old horse.

More work tomorrow....even on a holiday never stops.

Thank you to my volunteers are lifesavers......honestly.

Edited to note: We have been wondering why the chicken food has been disappearing at record rates...well, as of 6pm...we know. We were visited by a very tall BEAR....who came into the yard, got into my mother's bird feeder and garbage can, then moseyed around the yard...I am sure he has eaten the chicken food...or she.....

Umm...edited again.......the bear is is a has three is eating the peanuts that my mom has set out for the squirrels......oh dear. My mom may never go outside again.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Turn around and see what is behind or frown?

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