Monday, September 6, 2010


Pictures of Jones' us figure it out? What do you see?

I am still with the notion that summer is over...fall is here. Falling leaves..a chill in the air. I will keep my fingers crossed that we have one more fleeting summer day or days. Sept is usually nice, isn't it?

Grace is still having a tough time today. More bute, more bedding...more horse cookies.
Jones has settled in, has a good sleeping position along the fenceline with Church. We will de-worm him has been a long time and then we will have the farrier out...his feet have overgrown his shoes and he has some cracks in one foot. He preferred the grass hay over the alfalfa....go figure? Anyone else on the property will kill for alfalfa.

Emergency fence repairs today. Max and Ollie went back into the woods again, through the hot wire....fortunately they came back and did not become bear food. Do bears eat horses? I don't think so....heck the horses did not even seem worried when the bear was in the yard. Anyway, there is now no climb fencing, cemented posts and a large gate in their way. No more escapes.

Later in the week we will also fence those naughty ponies in with non climb....Wally went right through the board part of the fence yesterday.....he is determined to get alfalfa in his diet. Just when you think hotwire is the best....well, it isn't...not for greedy ponies.

We also tricked the chickens ....chicken wire on their favorite roosting spots, so that they HAVE to go into the coop. Makes it much easier to put them to bed. The bear must have come last night and eaten the FULL bowl of chicken food...licked totally clean, no crumbs left either....what else eats chicken food? 100 rats?

If you have any Purina coupons that you won't use, would you consider sending them to us? or will you sign up at the Purina sight and send us the coupons.....unless of course you need them yourself? It is a great deal....look and see what you think or get them for yourself. They are trying to increase their market share. Purina foods are great....we love them.

Blue got his shoes pulled yesterday and a trim. He was a good boy. He is just completely uninterested in interacting with humans. Sad...really sad. He does not look for scratches or treats, he avoids being touched. His stifles and hocks hurt him most days....he must have had a hard life out there.

This is the week school starts and we got a new Running Start student. Welcome to Alex. He knows nothing about horses.....LOL.....but he will shortly.

enjoy your short week. The fair starts pretty soon and I will take the girls.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Give a big smile to the loneliest person you know.......they need it today.

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