Friday, September 10, 2010


A day all to myself....but it starts at the barn of course. No rain this morning but it is cool and I wear a jacket for a while. I throw the hay, then clean paddocks...then I give out the grain...except of course for Grace...she gets curb service first thing or else we have NOISE...lots of noise, and as I always point out, I am a fast Grace eats first. evil foe is back....I will be getting some more gravel tomorrow. When I am dead and gone, and the property is in someone else's hands, they are going to think "this is the rockiest soil I have ever seen." LOL...a virtual gravel pit. We will see how the pea gravel holds up this winter. Tomorrow the tractor man cometh and he will scrape paddocks down to the gravel base again. We have a lot of sediment from the stalls and dirt from horse hooves that has settled on the tops of the paddocks which are right off the stalls.
I wonder what life would be like if I had never liked horses? I could shop in Nordies each week and watch soap long lost friends on the phone and never have dirt under my nails. So much work this life...these horses.

We say goodbye to Shelli who has volunteered with us for most of the last year....she has been on a leave of absence from her job. She has been a tremendous help and we will miss her. Thank you Shelli for all of your help.....good luck with those donkies of yours!..they are adorable.

Jones has settled in and is now one of the gang. Kerri came out today to help ID his tattoo....we took more pictures and she got to meet the rest of the Pony Up crew. Thanks for the help Kerri.

I went to the feed store and got stall pellets (Grace!) and grains/supplements. The Purina coupons were a big help...I have several left and they must be used by the end of October...that doesn't seem to be a problem because the grain eating is not going to stop anytime soon. The prisoners would like a bigger grain portion if possible.

Pictures from today....

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

You must work hard for it.

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