Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday morning

Yesterday a group of us worked hard, got a lot done.....a very good day. Ollie and Max got to graze in the big GRASS pasture.......Blue got to graze a little...he is watching his Rubenesque figure. We watched them while we worked and they played and ate.
Thank you to Caryn, Briann, Alex, Ryan, Susie, Sarah and Jan. I couldn't do it without you.
We got hay yesterday at the new barn and we got hay last Thursday at the old barn....but we still need to get more to get us through winter. The machines never stop....eating and pooping.......a full time job.

This morning I cleaned the old Pony Up barn and paddocks by was quiet and peaceful...lots of birds coming and going..I fed the crows some stale donuts and watched them fight over them. Winston and Church played along the fence line like wild mustangs and churned the earth up as they galloped and bucked. Exercise is good for them. The weather is a little brisk this morning.....perfect weather for a hard gallop.

The chicken triage center is coming along.....the badly beat up hen is doing pretty well considering she is missing half her feathers...but her wounds look pretty good. I guess the SMZ's did not kill her and the furacin seems to have been okay on the wounds. The other chicken drank and I force fed her again, she is alert...but unable to stand on her own.

Today I have to run some chores again......grain, get ready for the week. We need a couple of new stall forks as we have broken a few and actually they have lasted much longer than usual...but winter is hard on the forks when they are used in mud and it will happen....I get out there and just have to lift around 30 lbs of mud/manure and CrACK...the fork breaks.

A lot got done on our chore list yesterday.......a new light fixture in each of the barns......more light in one and less energy consumption in the other. Keep the power bill low but keep adequate light for tasks.
We still need gravel for paddocks and for the driveway.....we need sand too for the arena.....the arena is draining well when it rains, but sand will help us make it rideable.....we will put another light on the old Pony Up barn to face the outside paddocks and some path lights in the back. It will be dark soon and remember we have bears.....I want to be able to see them before they see me!

There will be a Pony Up meeting next Saturday afternoon....we will discuss fundraising, advertising, and form some committees ......if you want to help, please and snacks will be provided. If there is something you are good at..let us know....we probably need it!

This week has been on overload for folks wanting us to take their horses. I wish I could take every one...but money limits us, then space, then always makes me sad to say no....but I do make a waiting list in case we have an opening.
This is just the beginning, I know it will get worse...probably much worse.

Better get going on the chores before the day gets away from me.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Nothing ventured.....nothing gained......go for it.

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