Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twilight Tuesday

I am having a hard time getting up....fall does that to me. Biologically I must want to hibernate or something....when the time changes again, I will be fine,but right now I struggle to not be late in the mornings.I sleep better when it is cold...maybe everyone does...I don't know. It is now chilly when I get up and I have already drug about five jackets to the barn and of course, I take them off when I get too warm and then leave them in the barn.....when I return, I won't put them on again....why? One word...SPIDERS. Ewww! I hate spiders.

The drive to the barn in the morning is sure to bring a sighting of some sort of animal...this week I have seen a coyote and an owl. It is still fairly dark when I leave. The owl was perched on a wooden fence post and took flight as I drove by. I am fascinated with owls and so this was a treat for me.

The new mare is settled in and everyone loves her. She has a great disposition, loves the camera, loves the carrots.....we dewormed her and will let her just hang out for a few weeks to relax. I do not think she will be hard to adopt out....she is beautiful and easy to handle. We are calling her Lizzie. It suits her.

I can hear the news in the background and I hear that the Chilean miners are being lifted out of the mine...........what a relief....oh my gosh. I pray that everything goes well with the entire process. Thirty three men....a miracle.

We have a work party this weekend and an opportunity to get a lot of things finished at both farms. I am very appreciative of the generosity and efforts of my volunteers...I cannot thank you enough.

Anyone who has any room, the Kitsap Two need homes. Good permanent homes with a paddock, grass and some real care. These two horses have lived in hell for the last year and it breaks my heart. They were kept in a tiny shed day and night, never let out, starved, kept in complete darkness most of the time. There were also dogs locked in crates.....fur so matted that the dogs could not stand up...feces for beds. Remember the sweltering summer days we had this year and last year? These horses were locked in that tiny shed with no ventilation. The officers who finally freed them had to wear masks due to the smell and the heat. The woman who did this to them, has done it before.....same thing, locked horses in small stalls, then slowly starved... resulting in the death of four horses. Some had severe burns due to standing in manure up past their knees. This woman should have the book thrown at her and be placed in a mental institution. She has to be completely off her rocker. She was court ordered to not have any more animals....she should be in jail right now. Write to the Kitsap County Prosecutor and ask what is being done.

You and I must be the voices for the voiceless. You must take a stand when you see things that are not right....animals cannot call 911. You cannot depend on someone else to do something.....take pictures, make notes, get the address.......call animal control, call the sheriff, follow up with an email....be civil, be polite, give information and keep calling until someone does something. Have other people call as well.....the more the merrier. Call the media....but do something.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Someone depends on a word from you.

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