Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday and the weekend is over

Busy......busy as always.
Friday I ran errands all day.....paid hayman, picked up grain, went to the bank, cleaned at the barns, dog to vet.....the usual sort of stuff.
Saturday it rained but a group of us worked on some inside the barn chores.....and some outside but under cover chores...we got a lot done....the place looks great, if I do say so myself....and I do. We are fortunate to have Alex helping us out for a while as his senior project and between him and Ryan...a lot got done on the washrack and a couple of other construction type things.
This morning we went and got the new mare. She loaded eagerly and mannerly.....hauled just fine. A really nice mare. Thanks to everyone for helping her. She is at the new barn in quarantine for a while. I am not sure about the name yet.....we are letting Nina name her.

It was interesting to hear this morning about some other folks ragging on our small rescue.....and it was relayed that we keep horses in small corral panels in TINY turn outs. HUH? Well, first of all, I WISH I did own some corral panels...because I would build a round pen..but dang, those things are spendy...secondly, our paddocks are quite spacious as compared to some high rent boarding stables I have boarded at. The three attached to the barn are forty feet long and then open into an additional grass paddock. We have forty foot long paddocks so that the pasture in the bigger part of their paddocks can grow and so that we don't have a mud mire. Anyone who has visited knows this......and you are welcome to visit....and see for yourselves. I have never had corral panels..... funny how some people just make crap up, isn't it? I know who said it and all I can say figures. Pictures of our paddocks attached so that you can figure who tells the truth and who doesn't.

We have a work party next weekend......come join us and check out the non corral panels...or bring us some of them. There will be painting, horse grooming, paddock picking and other assorted chores....something for everyone.

The chickens continue to heal.....the bunnie has his own house now and we are actively seeking a new home for him. He loves spinach, and shredded carrots. He tolerates petting but doesn't like to be picked up. No kids please....they scare him.

The rain was relentless last night, but our paddocks drained flooding, no leaky roofs. The work pays off. Tomorrow we will get some sand and later in the week more gravel.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

You have to see for yourself....

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