Friday, August 27, 2010


I get to sleep in.....go to the barn in my pajama by is quiet and slightly overcast......perfect weather for working in your jammies.

Grace was moved and so now she has a stall in the barn and a perfect instrument for her hoof music by way of her stall gate. I, of course, being a fast learner, hurry and give her the grain slop that will cease her hoof music.

I clean up paddocks, I check water/fill tubs.....make sure the chickens have scratch and feed the cat. I make a mental list of chores for later and prioritize....then I sit for a while and just watch the farm while I drink my coffee. I need to get going, I have errands to run and then need to get back to meet someone at the farm.

We are having some bulldozing done, to access a wooded part of the property....a nice place to put the outhouse/cabin......but way too much brush to clear by hand. I have to hand it to the settlers who came to this bulldozer...gosh.

I get wound up some weeks and feel overwhelmed, then I get a phone call like I did yesterday......from Tanna and Vinnie. Vinnie is learning about cows and he went to a playday. He is becoming quite a horse and has traveled a long distance from being a big dollar Thoroughbred from Kentucky. I keep saying that Tanna should have named him Lucky....because that horse is definitely LUCKY! thanks always lift my spirits!

I think about troubles and some days I have to find is always easy to think about quitting..because quitting something is easy.....I am not a quitter,..sometimes I merely lose my stride and I have to find it again.
Sometimes you find strength from God only knows where....sometimes you think you have no more ...but at least for myself, I find that I just need to take a step back, rest a while and then find that I can go on easily and things don't nearly seem so intense...mental or is all the same.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
(Mahatma Gandhi)
Great quote, isn't it? Always reminds me of that really short basketball player that played in the big leagues..with all those tall guys.....he was told he could never play because he was too short.......but he had an idomitable will.

We help horses because we love them. We want something better for them than starving in a pasture or being locked in a building without daylight. We want dignity and compassion......we want a kind ending when the time comes and we want punishment for those who abuse and neglect. This winter will test our strength....all of us who love horses......we need to keep the indomitable will going and focus on what we believe to be humane and compassionate. Pass it on.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Generally have no ground to stand on.

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