Sunday, August 22, 2010

Super Sunday

What a day.....a big volunteer day at the barn....I get up early......make toast....drink coffee, leave for the barn. Let the cat out, open the chicken coop door..and off to the races. Feed horses.....and then the group of volunteers begins to arrive.
I had 14 people help out today......two of my regular volunteers (plus Cory) and then a whole new group from Harbor Covenant Church. Really great folks. They got right to work and boy did they get a lot done....cleaned water tubs, painted, cleaned up manure, moved rocks.....and put the posts (*cemented and level)in for the wash rack, so that we can get a roof on it. Thank you to Cory for the tractor work....and thanks to Shelli and Mary for helping to direct the volunteer workers at the farm.... I am humbled by the generosity and giving spirit of volunteers....I couldn't do it without you. Thank you, I cannot tell you how much today meant to me. Pictures to follow. Christine...thanks for organizing this and thinking of Pony UP.

The rest of the day, I ran errands and took my mother to Lowes.......I got some more quickcrete and some hedge trimmers for the brush around the back paddock. I came back to the farm, added some more cement to the posts and then put the rafters up on the wash rack, so now all I need is the roofing...and some's almost done! It will be so great to have a dry place for the shoer to work. I will put some lights in it as well...because as we know......winter is coming!

It was strange to not have Silk at the farm today....Grace is a little bit worried still, but eating okay. I hope Silk is resting and I know he must be happy to be home on his beautiful estate. We want to live there too.

We moved some horses around to different paddocks and Blue now has a bigger paddock, while Tarbaby shares one with Grace, although Grace comes into a stall at night.

We have not seen the little black cat for a long time and I fear the worst...she was very cute and I was wishing she would let us catch her so we could help her. I guess it doesn't always work out the way we want.

A whole new week and it is almost September. School starts....fall will be in the air......Halloween before you know it.

Have a good week......

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow.

It is what you make out of it...that is what you end up with.

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Rachel said...

Thank you so much for having all of us. Im so glad we could help out an organization that is doing so much. All of your horses had a spark in their eye, and I know they are grateful for the love you have given them.

I have a lot of pictures too. They are up on my facebook page, but I think you have to be a friend to view them. Ill see if maybe I can get them to Christine.

After sharing at church this evening, several people approached me about wanting to go out and help the horses. So maybe in the future we could work out another volunteer day.

The grant I told you about is There are multiple award levels, from $5 to $250,000. I would be glad to meet with you and help you put together an application. Ideally, you should have one ready to submit for the last day of this month.

Thanks again!