Sunday, July 18, 2010


Beautiful day....started out cloudy, then gradually cleared up. Mary, Ryan, Jan, Briann and I cleaned paddocks, stalls, scrubbed water tubs and put some hot wire up.

Briann and I then headed to the store, got ingredients for our salad and went back to the house to prepare it. Cous Cous salad.....hand made by Briann and me...and quite delicious if I say so myself.

At 5pm we all gathered for a barbeque.....barbequed ribs, hot dogs, lots of salads and home made desserts. Volunteers got to meet foster parents and we all had a great time till late in the evening...lot of laughs and stories....a really great group of folks.

Pictures today of Jan and Louis (our orphan chick).......Louis likes to ride on shoulders or perch on horseback. He is quite a friendly little chicken.

Chores done this morning by 10:30 and the weekend seems almost over. I must go to the feed store today and then come back to do a few things around the barn. There is no shortage of chores, as usual.

I put a hay bag up for Silk and Grace today.......they were not delighted....they chewed on it with their old horse teeth, pushed it around and then looked at me you just put our hay on the floor? please?......I finally caved in....they have old horse teeth and perhaps it really is too much work for them.

Ollie is wearing his new easy boots and Breeze is wearing Tarbaby's......her soles are a little bruised from rocks...she is very flat footed....but walking fine in the easy boots. We like them a lot....easy to put on, easy to wonder they call them easy boots...right?

Off to get my chores done, errands run.......enjoy your day.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

A new idea will come to you soon.

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