Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Max gets some exercise in the arena........thanks to Caryn. Don't they look lovely together?
We especially like Caryn's new boots?!

Mediocre weather today, still no rain and fairly warm. I took fly masks off for a while this morning.

Breeze has settled in nicely with Promise and is eating well. Tarbaby's leg is a little better, still has some swelling.......Silk and Grace share grain out of one bucket and then move to the next.

All chickens accounted for.....but strangely they have moved inside of the barn and into the rafters. Something was after them last night I guess. Half in the coop and half in the barn. Go figure that one.

Sully is back to work at the Jones farm. I will keep you updated on progress...he has had a month break to get over his horse flu and relax. He looks as pretty as a picture at the Jones Farm.

Pony Up barbeque this weekend......Saturday. Email me if you would like to come.....
potluck style.....open barbeque.......lots of goodies.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Think twice, then speak once.

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