Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday sunshine

Quiet morning, not too much planned today....I slept in a little, then did the laundry, hung some clothes out, fed dogs, filled dog water bowls and then headed for the barn.

I get to the barn and I see immediately that TarBaby is in a different paddock. Hmm...he has simply pushed through his stall gate and gone to the other empty paddock which shares a fence line with Max and Ollie. Okay, so today he wants to be friends with them? I move him back and he immediately frets....he trots the fenceline calling them. I cave in and let him back. It is too hot for him to get all worked up and there really is no reason he can't be there except it is a smaller paddock with no grass. He settles down. You simply cannot pick who they will be friends with on what day.

I feed everyone, put a few fly masks back on, overflow water tubs....clean the chicken waterer. I clean Tarbaby's stall.....his is the only dirty nice is that?

I decide to turn the sprinklers on in the lower paddocks so that the grass doesn't just up and die on us. Promise loves the sprinkler and stands just in the out edges of the spray.......tossing her head this way and that.......soon she lays down and takes a nap in the spray.

I move on and pull some weeds in my mom's flower gardens and then water for her. All the planting I did made a big job for her when it is time to water.

You will notice I am not complaining about the "sudden heat". Nope. I refuse after all that gray sky and rain.

Back to the barn and I empty trash, I need to go to the dump later....then I make sure there is plenty of water for the cat and I fill up the birdbath. The robins are working their way up the sprinkler path...glad I could help them out.

Yesterday Caryn and I went and got Breeze in Ellensburg.......pleasant trip, good company.....we forgot the camera ....the landscape was so gorgeous...we pulled into Ellensburg and loaded Breeze up...then hit the road back to Seattle, dropped Breeze at the Jones Farm, gave her a quick bath.......then visited Sully, who, a little fatso. He is the king of the pasture right now, sharing a large grassy field with two young TB colts. Teaching them some manners, although they are twice his size.....long yearlings. I thought about taking the chestnut colt home.....but then quickly came to my senses.

On the way home, we stopped at Reber ranch, bought some de-wormers, a boot for Tarbaby....we really need to get another one, they work so well for his problem....but they are 60 dollars each. It is the new EZ boot and they work really well, easy to put on and we got just the right size fortunately. I think if we put him in two of them on his front hooves, he will be so much more comfortable. We love Reber much to look at.

The squirrels were at the barn yesterday early with Caryn and I, around 6:30am...eating sunflower seeds and scolding us. Of course we had no camera, but sometime this week I will get them in a photo line up.

I am off to run errands now. My cell phone has some issue and is out of commission, so I must get it fixed or replaced somewhere today.

Enjoy your excellent day.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

The color green will be important.

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