Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sat morning......quick post

I am not complaining......honest...but yesterday was HOT. I had a lesson on Winston and we were both soaked and tired. He was a good boy.
It is supposed to be cooler today by ten degrees today.

Some pictures from yesterday, Tarbaby with his chicks. They pick flies off of him while he protects them from the big chickens.

late edition:

so the day was a little cooler but still hot. Sprinklers everywhere....dust everywhere.....we spent the morning cleaning water tubs, fixing the hotwater heater, putting the refrigerator up, attaching sprinklers to fence posts and then worked on the arena. We "drug" the arena, picked rocks and then drug it some more....and it looks great! We need sand least I think so......we may need it to be compacted and then "really" graded....but it looks so much better now that I am happy with it.

Tarbaby did something to his leg today.....he had a big, fat swollen from the hock down leg......and so in between chores we soaked him in cold water, examined him for cuts........(none found) cleaned his leg with Betaine scrub, just in case and then soaked him some more. Antibiotics too, just in case.....and some bute as he was very, very sore. Poor guy. When I did the barn check tonight he was feeling much better and the swelling was down a little. Not sure what could have happened....we will see how he feels tomorrow.

We will move the manure pile this week, put some final posts in the bottom paddock, then put our washrack roof up......and of course, work on the arena.

The old guys (Grace and Silk) stomped a hawk in their was after a chicken and apparently scared the horses enough to get them worked up and it was dispatched.......flatter than a pancake. We buried it behind the barn.

Caryn has been riding Max and he has been a good boy. We put him on a diet..again, because he is fat and out of shape. He behaves wonderfully. Caryn is a good rider and Max is very obedient to her. Now that the arena is ready to go.....Max can get worked a little harder.

Things to do for the the shoer, order more hay.....price sand.....deworm Silk and Winston......go back to work? Yes......back to work. I have been on vacation, although it hardly seems like it. Always more stuff to do.

I got sunburned today......ouch!

Off to bed. I hope your weekend is great.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

You will have to see it, in order to believe it.

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