Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Frenzy

My day off, but I have lots to do today......chores, errands and riding my own horse.

I get up, wished I could have slept in, coffee is made already..(love that automatic coffee maker!)....take a shower, grab some crackers and off I go to the barn.

Let the cat out, let the chicks out......and the hens.....then throw hay, start on stalls, run some fresh water..get the grain distributed

...I suddenly decide that I need some more gravel...and so I call and order some.....just lucky because they can deliver it in an hour! Get the tractor out, move my truck........make a plan...I am down cleaning the lower paddocks when the truck arrives. He dumps it and I pay him..then begin picking it up with the tractor and dumping it into the paddock nearest the barn. I got pea gravel.......easy on the feet, and easy to pick through. I watch the time because I have to get to the bank and then run out to my lesson......a 40 minute drive.

The sun comes out full blast and I am sweaty. I have been dumping the gravel, then shoveling some ..then raking it out...I moved two stall mats.......Now I have to run home to change into breeches and I think about taking a second shower and then decide not to.....I mean why would I? I am going to sweat plenty during my lesson and then what would I do...take another shower? LOL.

I go home change, I DO NOT shower.......then off again to get gas in the time to stop for coffee. I head for my lesson. I get there.....get my horse out.....groom him, pick his feet, saddle him and take him to the arena....lunge him a little. He is not WILD today....thank goodness......and then I get started. We have a nice lesson and then I put him away, after giving him a shower and thinking about putting the hose on is warm out there. I talk for a while with my trainer, I play with the farm dog...I drag my is already 4pm......and it is a lovely day. I am way out in the middle of nowhere.

I drive back to the farm, clean some more paddocks, clean some water tubs........then pick poop piles out of the arena.......put the chickens to bed, put the cat to bed....check water again........check gates....water plants..sweep...drink some is now 7pm...dinner waits and a hot shower. I need it. I stink....really.

The vet comes in the morning to run Coggins on the girls.....and issue health certificates to get into the state of California. They will leave next weekend. I am excited for them...and at the same time I have become very fond of Promise as well as Breeze. It is always hard to let them go........emotional for sure.

Sully has had a relapse of his horsey flu......he is on stall rest and more meds. After the girls go, I will bring him home.....and as soon as Silk goes home...I don't want to spread any germs and especially to old horses. Silk will go home at the end of next month.

Tomorrow we have more chores to do, like I always say, they are never ending. Fix this, fix that...order this, order that....someone needs medicine....someone needs exercise.

Enjoy your fabulous is going to be really hot least that is what is forecasted.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Kindness is never wasted....sympathy is never lost.

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