Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday already

The weekend has come and gone ...Monday already. Time they say.
The weather is finally like summer and it is warm in the mornings, too warm for a jacket and warm enough to make you sweat in a T-shirt.

Saturday morning, we get a lovely surprise.......Maia and Kelsey come to visit and help out. We hadn't seen them in a long time, they are as busy as everyone was so great to see them! Briann came up too and they had a good time grooming horses, giving bridle path cuts, trimming manes and tails....the horses got a spa day, that is for sure. Ryan and I spread gravel in Beaver's paddock, put up some hot wire, put the sprinklers on in the pasture and got the little tractor going.
The little tractor has a dump trailer......very handy.

Kelsey took some pictures of the farm for us and I will post them soon.....she is a very good will enjoy her pictures.

On my way to the barn on Sunday, a doe came across the road with her twin fawns.....still spotted and prancing along like Santa's best reindeer. I took a couple of pictures of them (but left the camera in the car) I will post it later.

Grace is turning into a hog. A complete hog. She bangs the fence, calls to you, stomps her feet.......and then when you bring the bucket, she puts her head into it and will not take it out. It is hard to walk in there.....if she gets the bucket, she tips it over to get the grain and then beet pulp is everywhere. The vet checked her teeth and guess what? She doesn't have any back teeth. Surprise. I guess we don't need her teeth floated after all. A mush diet is hers for the rest of her life. Poor old girl...but really, she looks great and she feels good too. She has the most expensive horseshoes on in town. What we won't do for her, huh?

We are counting down for the girls to go to California......this weekend is D day. I am glad they are going together and that they will travel together. They are so bonded..........although Breeze has the upper hoof.....she eats first and Promise cowers to her...but when the food is gone, they groom each other, hang out at the water trough and play along the paddock. Such beautiful girls. I will miss them.

I have had folks ask if we are taking in new horses to take the girls place.....the answer is not right now. We still have Sully, Yukon, Tarbaby and Grace to take care of, feed, vet, etc......we are hopeful Sully can get adopted.....but the reality is that Tarbaby, Grace and Yukon may be too old to get adopted. They are all 25...Grace might be older than that. Tarbaby is unrideable, Grace is too......and Yukon, well, he probably deserves long walks and retirement on a grassy field....he has done his time. So anyway, we will need to save a place for winter......with winter come severe neglect cases...and I like to keep a spot open. Now, if on the other hand, you like old horses.....and want to foster/adopt/sponsor one.......speak up.....we seem to have plenty!

We should change the name of the farm to "Crow Flies" barn. We have a huge flock of crows who are there all day...drinking from the troughs, sneaking cat food, sneaking chicken food....playing in the sprinklers and warning of the eagle's approach. I have said it before....I love crows. I know some folks don't...but I do.....they are smart, interesting and funny. I love to feed them bread. We had baby crows this weekend....flapping wings for mom to feed them even though they are the same size as mom. Very cute.

We have new foals up the road.......not sure what the situation is......a bunch of what appear to be Tb mares, with foals and some appear to be in foal.....all are good weight and the foals are cute chestnuts. Perhaps they are just eating grass in the large field, as there was a lot of grass...I suppose folks get tired of mowing it.

Off to bed.....enjoy your Tuesday.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

It will be no surprise to you when you see it.

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