Friday, July 16, 2010

Far along Friday

Friday here and almost gone.....quite a busy week for me.

Today I arranged to buy a plywood made grain bin....3/4" plywood, 8 feet long, with dividers for five roomy compartments.....great deal! Well made, screwed together, brackets on the dividers.....and did I say "very heavy?" I went to get it in one is there ....except me and the grain bin. Hmmm....well....I am not going to come back. It is going in the truck. I pick up one end.....good heavy. I pick one end up and set it on the other end and then back the truck up to it......then lean it against the tail gate and push it into the truck. Can you say "hernia?" OMG. I tie it in and hit the road. When I get home I am impatient. I can leave it and wait for help later...but I can't wait....I am impatient. I want it out and into it's place. I figure there is no way to get it into the barn. I push it out of the truck....Look at it a while and really want to have it in the barn. So I pick an end up and set it on the other end again.......then push it over flat.......and hey I am almost into the barn. I flip it one more time.....right into the barn aisle..I am sweating and my legs are shaky.......and then I am stuck. It is too long to flip again because of the doorway and too heavy to push. What to do? I look around......try pulling it......that doesn't work.....try pushing again......nope..just too heavy. Am I going to have to say UNCLE? Am I going to have to call someone? Hmmm. I have some sections of fence posts that we cut off that are round. I go and get them. I lift up one end of the bin and kick the fence post section under it. Voila....we roll forward and then I pick it up again and put another one under it. I knew I saved these fence post pieces for something. just to roll it over and set it into place along the back of the barn wall. One more lift and it is there..........YES! The lid, although hinged, is heavy and I must make something to hold it up, so that when we get grain won't bonk us in the eye bolt and some chain, add a snap and presto.....we are set. Then I fill the bins for grain, one for beet pulp, one for rice bran, one for sunflower seeds and one for chicken food. I am tired....really tired...probably too much work for me......oh well.

I drink some iced tea and visit with the barn cat while I wait for the shoer. We have four trims and two sets of shoes........Grace/shoes, Max/shoes, Ollie/trim, Tarbaby/trim, Breeze/trim and Promise/trim. All goes well,except that Grace feels like she cannot stand still.....she is antsy.....I brink Silk up to calm her down and it works. Her feet are in much better shape than when we brought her home.
Max takes size three shoes on the fronts......he has big does Ollie. Promise and Breeze stand side by side as their feet are trimmed..both are angels.
Ollie bites me three times on the arm.....Tarbaby sleeps while he is done and Max also.

All chores done and I go to get in my truck. Umm....the doors are locked...the barn cat is in the truck. Coincidence? I think not. I have to call Triple A and get someone to come out. While he is jimmying the door, the barn cat comes to the window and steps on the lock, unlocks the door. Oh boy. Why couldn't she do that before I called the guy out?

Tomorrow is our barbeque......the weather promises to be good and we will have some fun. Lots of food, plenty to drink........if you want to come, please email and let me know? We still have some room.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

This person,is one you know.

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