Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday the Fourth of July

I still hate fireworks. I hate the irresponsibility of it all....but I won't go on, it just winds me up and I have pledged to have a non anxiety ridden day.
It is softly raining and you know what? I am glad. Let it pour..let it storm.

Yesterday, I worked on the arena and Caryn came to help me....then we saddled Max up and Caryn rode him in the churned up dirt. He was a good and well behaved boy. I forget how big he is, although it was easy to see he still needed a diet. The arena was still not really level and so I returned in the afternoon to do some more "work" on it. By 7:30 it was looking much better...I had lost track of time....late for dinner......oops.

Tarbaby has two abcesses in his front hooves.....we had to cut a little hole in one of them to let the "junk" escape...then we gave him a hot water soak in some Epsom salts, then dried his hoof and applied some medicine......then we soaked the other foot, medicated it and wrapped both of them to keep them clean. He really enjoyed the soaking and did not want to take his foot out. We use small pampers as a hoof wrap, then use coflex bandaging tape, then duct tape. He is so much more comfortable today, walking normally and I didn't have to bute him. Abcesses and this weather we are having go hand in hand, especially on TB feet...flat, thin soles.
I had Caryn help me yesterday and today I was on my own, so I find myself cutting the wrap off his foot, listening to fireworks and thinking I must be crazy to be on my knees in the stall, with a knife and a large horse. Fortunately he is a doll to work with and so I escaped any harm or injuries...but seriously, sometimes I should have my head examined. Fortunately I remembered the knife and saved my teeth from having to rip through the duct tape. I used red duct tape tonight....such a fashion statement.

The black kitty came today and I tried to catch her so that I could keep her in the barn tonight while fireworks were going.....but she wasn't having any of it. I had a good grasp of the back of her neck but she went "wild" and scratched/bit until I had to let go. She got a full belly and then off she went. I hope maybe she will come back and sleep in the barn. I will go back to the barn around 9pm to check on horses and put some music on. Ollie gets very worked up with fireworks...he is the most likely one to act up. My Russells are already in the laundry room with music on....the dryer on and the washing machine going.

My condolences to Kim W and her family.......very sorry to hear of your losses today. You made the right decisions with love and can't ask for more than that. Well loved, right to the end........we should all want that.

I am typing and I keep smelling a waft of a smell.......hmm.......what could it be? Perhaps the Koppertox that is all over my jeans? Yep.....that is it and the faint horse manure smell from my barn shoes. Face it.....I stink...not unusual after a day a the barn. My hands are rough from bleach water and my fingernails, well they could use some help.

If you read TBfriends today or yesteday, you read about Sammi.....a heart break for her family.......what a girl.....beautiful inside and outside, an inspiration to us all. Today I have nothing to complain about......please say a prayer for Sammi and her family. If anyone needs a miracle.......they do.

I have included some farm pictures from this weekend......Tarbaby....the garden.

This week, we are promised sunshine.....a dozer to grade the arena.....a little bit of fencing to put up......the washrack roof......and then ....hey, what else do we have to do? Oh, yeah....drainage ditches for this winter, this winter which may be next month for all we know! Seriously, though, we are caught up......and once the arena is really useable.....we work horses....Ryan, Caryn and I.....Briann too if she will help.

Anonymous poster.......I know aren't so anonymous......coward, is all I have to say.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Afternoon brings a wonderful surprise.

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