Sunday, July 11, 2010

Suddenly Sunday

Up early this morning and off to the barn to get my chores done. Chipmunks and squirrels are everywhere and they are not too scared of you....can you spell
S U N F L O W E R S E E D S ? How did they find them is what I want to know? Do squirrels have a keen sense of smell? I guess they must. There were baby chipmunks today...very cute and silly.

I got my chores done and went to get Breeze.....and as of noon she was home at Pony Up. She is pending adoption and we are counting on her being picked up at the end of the month. She is bunking with Promise and you have never seen two happier fillies...they didn't leave each other for a second this afternoon...they napped together, ate together and played for a long time. It will be a shame to seperate them. Promise is almost as big as Breeze and just as pretty now.

I spent the afternoon doing chores, raking.....picking more rocks....and then I went for coffee, to the feed store and to the grocery store...then back to feed dinner and tuck the chickens in.

My vacation week is over.......and I go back to work tomorrow...sigh>>>>> I wish I could get paid to work on the farm every day of my life....but I can't, so no use dreaming about it.

Enjoy your week.......

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

The price doesn't know you want it.

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