Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday...the weekend begins

Still beautiful weather and the nicest thing is that it is cool in the morning, overcast with lasts until noon, then the sun comes out and it is SO pleasant. More please...more.

The week is over and here comes the weekend. Lots to do, as usual. Tomorrow, some paddock cleaning, barn riding.....feed store, a lesson on my own horse and back to the grocery store for household items and of course Starbucks. You know, I will probably move some more gravel too....I just can't get enough of that.

The arena was graded some more and it is so nice! Now we just need sand.....if you have any extra, please send it! We take bags, shovel fulls or dumptrucks at this point.

The girls are ready to go to their new home.......we are excited, they are excited.....I hope Erica is thrilled with them. Promise looks so beautiful.
It is a long trip and I have a little anxiety about that.

At the end of this month, Silk will go home and Grace will be so sad. We will, of course, get her a new friend......maybe Tarbaby or Sully....plenty to chose from...except for Beaver, who has NO friends.

Jaime, thank you for the supplements you bought for Grace. They help to keep weight on her and give her a good appetite......boy howdy, she has an appetite. THANK YOU!

I had a great lesson on Winston yesterday and will have another tomorrow. He has come so far and looks wonderful.....he has filled out and muscled up...he really looks great. Thank you Beth for a great job with him.

Pictures from last weekend....taken by Kelsey.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

It is black and white.....not gray.

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BreannaAiedail said...

See you tomorrow at 9! And hope I can help with some of the chores :)