Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday, the girls go to a new life

We are happy but sad to see the girls go.......Promise and Breeze went to their new home today. They loaded up like good girls....for the long trip home and we got tears in our eyes. We groomed them and fed them some treats in the hour prior to their departure. It seems strange to not see them together in the paddock, like two bookends...twin girls. Good luck girls! thank you Erica for making room in your heart for both of them. Have a safe trip.

Ryan and I worked on farm chores all day.....moved gravel, put some fence posts in, fixed a few things, cleaned paddocks.....a long day. thanks Ryan for the hard work!
You are a blessing.

The weather is really acting like fall......we even have leaves falling. Such a strange year for weather.

We have used the arena for a couple of lessons and it is so nice to have it. We have to fund raise for sand, because the sand will be expensive....but it really is necessary.

Ollie has been wearing his easy boots for a few days and I took them off this morning, so his feet can have a breather.....they work so well for him, he is much more comfortable on his very flat TB feet.

I got chopped up hay for Grace yesterday.....she wastes so much hay picking through the alfalfa, that I thought it might be easier for her to chew and swallow. Turns out it is and she loves it....of course, it is mixed with molasses. I am not a huge fan of sugary stuff for horses, but what the heck.......Grace is old and molasses does have iron in it. She should enjoy her last days. Silks likes it too and I slipped some to his teeth are old man teeth too. The old guys get quite a mixture of slop.........beet pulp, alf pellets, sunflower seeds, rice bran, senior grain and now chopped hay.......but they look great and they feel great is worth it to see them eating like piggies.

Erica called me this morning and the girls are home and turned out in their pasture. The trip was long but safe. I wish them the best of luck. Pictures please!

Off to do some chores......household stuff......then back to the barn. I graded the driveway a little this morning to smooth out the gravel......we really stirred it up yesterday.

Enjoy your day.

Enumclaw auction today.....a ton of horses from what I can see is being reported. The auction starts at three....maybe you should go?

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

You will find what you seek today.

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Denali's Mom said...

Congratulations on the girls going to a new home!! I'm glad they have each other!