Saturday, June 18, 2011

So wet again Saturday

Up at 4am this morning to pouring rain.....sigh. Where is summer? I went back to bed, up at 7, made coffee, showered, drove to barn.....I was cold.....put my jacket on and wondered if this was October or hair frizzed up and then curled....sigh keeping it straight in this weather.
I let the chickens out, fed the horses, ran some errands, back to the barn......not much to do in the rain, Susy was not feeling well so we sent her home to feel better...she is such a trooper! Ryan and I went to the local auction house to see if we could get a deal on an auger for the tractor......we didn't....we looked around and decided to come back next time.......went to the feed store, went to lunch, then drove up to check on Yukon. We took him for a short walk, let him roll and decided that tomorrow he could go out in a short paddock. He is feeling much better, has been off of bute for two days.......his leg is still swollen, but he is walking pretty good. He has been on a diet and has lost a few pounds. We are pleased with his progress. Keep him in your thoughts!

We moved Iris to a smaller paddock this week. This paddock is in between two others and so she has company on both sides......she is VERY happy. Ollie ...not so much! He had to move to the other side of the barn aisle and he doesn't like, we are making plans to split the large paddock in two, so that Iris can share it with Blue...they can touch over the fence and touch over the stall should work just fine. Ollie can be moved back to the other side with Jones and they can go out to the big pasture to graze during the day. Such prima donnas those geldings!

Our chore list grows........sand to spread, ditches to be dug.....fence lines to put up...a new rolling door......replace a GFI really never stops..I always expect that one day I will show up and there will be nothing to do! Ha...that will never happen. We got four ton of hay put up in the loft....trying to get a storage going. When the sun comes out we will be busy!

Tomorrow we will go and put a small temporary paddock in for he can walk outside without going totally hog crazy. Also another feed store trip and time to drag the large paddocks.

I am pleased to say that all horses found homes outside of the kill pen this month. Quite a relief.

The adopted horses are doing well.....Cooper is being loved and doted on, Max has found his own heaven and Louie is being spoiled........just like we like it! Thanks to all adopters for helping these horses out.

Enjoy your weekend.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Don't forget your compassion......spread it around today.

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