Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday ramblings

Yikes, I am way behind on my blog!

Where did I leave off?
Beautiful weather this last weekend and on Saturday we got a lot of things done....worked on filling in the ditch at the side of our driveway and got most of that done. Susy and Rick started on getting the rolling door on the new shed and it is almost complete. We had a new volunteer........Laura......and we groomed horses, cleaned the barn, cleaned water tubs and then got more sand dumped in the arena......we almost have enough sand to conduct business! The sand is such a big deal, as it will allow us to work horses and have safe footing....what a blessing to find it so cheap! Thank you Steve!

Iris has settled into our routine and we have settled into hers. She is beginning to be a bit of a prima donna.......I called her a young Helen Keller the other day as she threw a bit of a fit over not being handed grain once we opened her stall door. We tried her special fly mask on her and she was not going to have any part of it until she got her grain. We worked out a compromise...okay...well, we gave her her grain. The fly mask can be worked on later. She is getting around her paddock well enough to eat grass under the fence, which makes me chuckle...I would not have imagined a blind horse reaching under or over a fence.

Cooper, Louie and Max are doing well in their new homes. We are fortunate to meet some very nice people and even more fortunate when those people adopt from us. I never like to worry and so sometimes I am choosy, some may say "picky" about homes. Oh, well....that is just how it has to be...they have to have something better than what we can give them.....or they don't go. I have learned my lesson...casual, convenient adoptions can be worrisome...and I simply don't like to worry. Anyway, congratulations to Kathy, Carolyn and Carolyn.......(not a typo...actually TWO Carolyns!)

This weekend more usual......manure pile to be moved, sand to be spread, fencing to be put up and of course paddocks/stalls to be cleaned.

Four horses got hoof trims on Monday and four more will get trimmed next week. Lizzy will get front shoes because she is so flat footed and she has a crack in a front hoof that will spread if we don't intervene.

It was cold and rainy today....a shock from last weekend. I wore a jacket all day and here it is ...June....this sounds increasingly like last summer...and today when I came home........there were fallen maple leaves in the grass....lots of them. Now what could that mean? Early fall? Good grief!

We would like to thank Drop Dots for all of their support.....they collected donation money for us at the local farmers market and also gave us ten percent of their weekend earnings! Thank you for thinking of us! See Drop Dot's website at

Christine are a gem! Thank you for all you do for us...I am so glad I met you and that you are my friend. PS ...Iris loves you!

We helped to get a young and injured TB mare out of the kill pen this week. Way too much drama......we just want to help horses, not start a character assassination contest. We were accused of trying to raise money for our own benefit instead of for the mare......untrue...if we need money for our farm, I am the first to say so. My intent was to help another rescue get this mare and get her quickly..there simply was no other way to get her out fast...we DID get that accomplished and the mare is safe as well as being treated for infected wounds. There should be no problem in helping......or accusations by parties who do not have facts......this is about helping horses. Thank you for those who support us and trust us.

Speaking of the kill pen, there are still some good horses looking for homes......please check out the auction horse forum for may go directly to the Enumclaw Sales Pavillion and buy a horse. Please have a look and share on your facebook or email...these guys need help quickly.

Thank you again for your support and kindness!

Pony Up fortune for today:

Pay kindness forward so that someday you will receive it when you most need it.

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