Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday freedom

Long week, I am behind on my blogging usual, a lot to do, a short time to do it and always a new list.

Sarah and Kathy took Iris to the opthamologist on Thursday.......Dr. Sullivan. The bad news is that Iris is permanently blind. Iris had uveitis and no one took care of it, resulting in her vision loss. The good news is that Iris is not in pain. We must take extra care of her eyes so she does not scratch or injure them. The dr says Iris is in her teens and otherwise looks in pretty good condition now. We bought Iris a special fly mask yesterday and it will be here in a few days. It has eye cups in it, so that nothing can come in contact with her eyes...and hey, it will keep the bugs away too. Iris was remarkable to handle.....she is willing to try as long as you pat and talk to her. I must say that she loads better than my own horse....of course he has a million excuses. Anyway, there is no help for Iris and that makes us sad, but she is safe and I think she enjoys her life with us. I started her on probiotic with her grain and I will probably de-worm her again. We will list Iris for adoption, but it will have to be a very special home, with proper fencing, a good friend and a loving family. She deserves it.

A big thank you to Dr. Sullivan and were so very nice to us and Iris, we appreciate the kindness.

Auntie Jaime sent Iris a tail bag, made by
It's in the Bag
(Brooke Lyle Freeburg) and Brooke also sent us money that she raised by the sale of her tail bags........thank you to both! Iris will look spectacular!

Let's see....what else? Cooper is winding down his two week his teeth floated, has learned to tie in his stall, bathe and use the hotwalker! The final decision on his adoption will be tomorrow...we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Max is living the high life in his new home! He got new boots, a new sheet....and he hasn't looked back yet...he loves it there. Thank you Carolyn for loving him!

Lizzie...well, Lizzie is a fatso and needs to get to work.......someone come and adopt her before Macy's hires her on as a parade think I am kidding?

Blue is grumpy, as always...we should have named him Eyore. I let him sniff Iris tonight and he made a huge face, squealed like a pig and stomped his foot...I guess that means he doesn't want to be friends. Ollie, on the other hand LOVED Iris...but I think he might be a bit much for her...he wanted to be "more than friends"....okay, in his defense, he was gelded late.....he can't help it.

Last week we finished the shed and it looks great....we got hay our grain replenished and this weekend we will install a new pump type freezeless faucet, work on fencing for Iris, move Jones to a new paddock, move the manure pile...and clean paddocks. It will be nice to have an extra day for chores.

We are grateful for our friends who help us out....there are many and I don't always publicly thank folks like I thank you to Lietz Hay, M&M Dressage (Meghan Markham), Traumhoff, Dr. Julie, The Jones Farm, Christine Ericksen, Cam and Carrie Reeves, my wonderful volunteers (Ryan, Susy, Rebecca, Brenda, Jen, Mary, Sarah, Kathy, Nina, Aspen), the fans of Iris, Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club, Strohs, Cenex, West Sound Electric, Dr. Maci, Dr. Alberts, my husband, Susy's husband Rick, my mom......I am sure I missed someone........thank you just the same...I couldn't do it without you.

Enjoy your Memorial Day!

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

A strange scent on the wind brings your attention back to where it should be.

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