Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Towards Tuesday

Is it Tuesday already?

Max went to the LPSDC schooling show on Sunday....he was a great boy! Went in the ring like a trooper and schooled at training level. He is still a little out of shape, but got scores of 64 and 65 (okay the judge was very generous!) We are very pleased with the work Meghan did with him! See Meghan at www.mmdressage.com...we want to give her a big shout out! Thank you Meghan!

I volunteered for the afternoon gatekeeping shift at the dressage show. It was fun and I got to see a lot of folks and lots of great horse flesh! Annie, your boy Chaos was lovely! I vote him "Most Beautiful Coat" of show award!

Trying to plan out farm chores for summer, how to campaign horses for adoption, fundraising ideas and etc. We are booked full at Pony Up.....but we have some great horses for adoption. I think positively and know that we can get two or three adopted by mid summer...or else we just become a sanctuary....right? We need more land, more money......more volunteers.......blah, blah, blah. I need another job to support my committment...or I need to win the lotto. Buy me a ticket because right now all my spare money goes to hungry horses.

It is almost time to buy hay again. Funny how that happens, huh? They go through hay like water through a sieve. I think my mom taught me that saying...what is a sieve?

This weekend we have our garage sale...Ryan graduates, Susy has an anniversary.....and Jones comes home. Long story....but we honor our committments...and take back our horses when it doesn't work. No ones fault...sometimes it just is what it is. We love Jones.

We are supposed to have good weather this week! Surprise and relief! I can do with some more warm weather to dry paddocks out and lift my spirits.

Lots of nice horses at the Enumclaw auction slaughter yard lot...I wish we could help someone this month, but we are full and I don't do our own horses any favors if I over commit. Lotto...where are you? If you can help one of them.....please do, or adopt one of ours and we can help one.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow;

A random act of kindness is a life saver for someone you don't know.

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